The Devil and The Universe – Benedicere (Rustblade)

  Van Muylem    10 januari 2016

Since Ashley Dayour (also know from Whispers in The Shadow) started with this project its seems to grow after each EP and each CD. I see more and more positive vibes around this occult project. Evil, mystic, occult … these descriptions fit, so watch out!

This project seems to balance between electronics, soft industrial, dark ritual, medieval and neo-folk. A touch of Dead Can Dance is never far away. Ascension is a soft soundscape, with church bells in the background. The synths are up-fronted. It feels like inspired by a holy spirit, filled with light. Dei Genetrix, the mother of God has also this positive feeling and soundscape sound with holy elements but softly I feel danger and darkness coming in.

Immaculata gets a more electronic sound and some female vocals: it’s about the immaculate conception (I think I know of whom). Track wise I can say it’s pretty catchy. Hail Mary must be about her birth. Music wise I hear mostly the synths and it’s over before I notice (at last the first time I listen to it). Ora Pro Nobis Deum, a celebration where they ask to prey for us. The dark side must be close. Music wise it’s a pretty nice track, almost an earworm. Elousa gives us some synths(with a touch of Dead Can Dance), a mysterious man whispering some Latin and an acoustic guitar. The title means ‘merciful or loving kindness’.

A more mysterious sound comes in with Mater Dolorosa: and means sad mother. Indeed we hear a female voice in the back, just as dripping water and percussion. Nikopoia is the old name of New Athos, you must have seen the new video by now, otherwise The video is pretty funny (Maria versus the Evil Goat).

Music wise it comes close to Dead Can Dance with a slice of electronics anno 2016. Worth checking out! It’s pretty catchy! Last track is Road to Damascus and starts very mysteriously. I think you have to know the story if you want to understand the meaning of the track. It sounds pretty dark and scary, not as scary as In Slaughter Natives but still … It’s not the kind of tracks that you can listen to whilst being all alone at home, surrounded by darkness, yet it’s a pearl!

I can say that I was – yet again – surprised in the most positive way and will for sure continue to follow their musical path! I hope they get more and more followers!


Ascension 4:34
Dei Genetrix 3:41
Immaculata 3:39
Hail! Mary 1:52
Ora Pro Nobis Deum 3:37
Elousa 2:36
Mater Dolorosa 4:26
Nikopoia 3:14
Road To Damascus 5:12