Prong – X-No Absolutes (Steamhammer/SPV)

  Van Muylem    8 januari 2016

I absolutely loved Ruining Lives(2014) And at their next album was very much appreciated by Tom Kielemoes (the cover album The Black Hole), time to check if Tommy Victor and his mates still steal my heart with every released track!

Their 10th album was again produced by Tommy Victor, this time with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer, X – No Absolutes, broadens the horizon sonically. Most people describe them as metal/industrial but for me there has always been this punk sound/attitude and already from the first track Ultimate Authority confirms that the punk feeling is still alive! It’s not only the lyrics, it’s also the music, just give it a shot! It’s true, you hear some metal in it, but this is more than just metal: this is Prong at its best!

It feels lived through, real and they are clearly meaning every word! The lyrics gives it some catchiness, just like the guitars and drums gives it that special touch. With this one we might hear the perfect rebel anthem! More rage and more punk attitude comes with Sense of Ease. The drive is way faster, fueled with lots of energy! The drums lift it up to light speed and the guitars do their best to keep up! Without Words and Cut and Dry got the stadium rock/metal feel and the perfect drive. Both tracks are very taste full and catchy. It’s clear that they are well-crafted tracks! No Absolutes is very catchy with that sing-a-long feel. It surely feels like an instant hit!

Don’t stand still during this one, just let it all go! Do Nothing is a very melancholic and sentimental track. I cherish the desperation that I feel, the emptiness, the unhappy feelings as If they are all taken away by just listening to this one! Only great souls can accomplish it! Again I get this hit feeling! Rhythm wise it’s a soft track, but I simply love it! It’s also great to get something else and melancholia is my thing! Belief System goes back to the rage and the anger! Somehow I get a Killing Joke feel, not really unexpected, right? Listen to the lyrics and listen to this track! The backings gives it a raw and punky-touch. Soul Sickness has the perfect play between great guitars, fired up drums and the perfect vocals! I feel that this one might be a hit on stage. In Spite of Hindrances goes back to the punk/metal sound with some stadium rock influences. The chorus is great, just like the hammering drums and raffling guitars. Ice Runs through My Veins has a bit of a 80’s retro touch with a great bass in the beginning and later on great backings! It’s a catchy rager.

Worth Pursuing goes back to the more metal minded sound with sharper guitars. More sweetness comes with With Dignity, however the lyrics are pretty hard. I simply like it! As last one we get a bonus track Universal Law shows us the red line of the entire album (according to me)

I cut this one out of Wikipedia: ‘concepts of legal legitimacy actions, whereby those principles and rules for governing human beings' conduct which are most universal in their acceptability, their applicability, translation, and philosophical basis, are therefore considered to be most legitimate’. Anyway: it was a cool trip! It’s clear that Prong confirmed once again their quality, crafting skills, catchiness, punk attitude …
With over 55 headline shows already announced for right after the album release, Prong can seem to do everything but stand still and I can’t wait to see them on stage!

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