Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    6 januari 2016

Originally released in 2010, Shattered Heart Reflections is their second album, mixed and mastered by Vasi Vallis (FROZEN PLASMA, REAPER). With this reissue you get in addition the bonus tracks from the EP A Kiss To Resist plus remixes. This new edition also features an all-new front cover design inked by Tomoki Haysaka of Sheerheart in Japan.

The interlude starts it, but 22 seconds is too short, so hop on to the nightingale singing on Touch. It’s still Viktoria against the more harsh vocals from Dmitry, carried by a poppy/electro sound. Words That Change Everything has great beats and a warm sound, perfect for a party. Dmitry’s vocals sound a bit different, whilst Viktoria sings with a deeper sound and goes lower on the vocal chords (but still reminding me of the beautiful Sylvie De Bie aka Sylver). It’s also a very sensible track! Make Me Blind sounds a bit harsher, however the beats conquer the track slowly and from time to time we only hear the beats and the music firing up the dance floor! Love Stays The Same starts with some break beats but goes pretty fast into dance modus. Not bad at all. Her Song is clearly a highlight, just because it come so close to the original sound of Sylver. We’re Wanting More goes into the same direction, whilst Dreamers is a beautiful ballad. Build Me A Heart goes back to the Sylver sound, with a very positive feel! More beats comes with the last track of the regular album: S.H.R. I have no clue what it means, but I like this jumper! It’s a great clubber!

And now some time for the extras:

Lose Your Fears (Syrian Remix) sounds even more like as If Sylver has been reborn out of its ashes as a vocal and musical duo! Our Game (Trummerwelten Remix) sounds made for club land with nice extra vocals and a more aggressive sound. You will dance! And that’s an order! Lose Your Fears (XP8 Remix) is a bit of a disappointment (I honestly expected more from XP8: more beats, more guts and more into club land). Next one is Our Game (Forgotten Sunrise Remix): the attempt is not bad at all but I think they better asked Maurice Engelen for this one. Lose Your Fears (Massiv In Mensch Remix) is a great version, done in an intelligent way and perfectly remixed! Our Game (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) is in the end the best version on this album as the remixer just confirmed the golden touch! This is how it should sound! I adore the kinky and fat sound! Call Me (Acoustic Version) is the last pearl on this album, a simple proof of their quality. It also makes it very clear that they should do this more!

I enjoyed most of as not all the remixes could keep me captivated, it’s clear that this album is a bit of the transition album as Dmitry’s vocals will get harsher with their following album, but honestly: I prefer the mix of both. Still: I’m pretty proud of what this Estonian Duo worked out!