Amaranthe – Breaking point B-sides 2011/2015 (Spinefarm/Universal)

  Van Muylem    2 januari 2016

Over the years Amaranthe gathered a lot of B-Sides and added bonus tracks to certain regions, making it hard for some to get them and now they decided to release them all in one. Yes, finally the time has come to discover the rarities and prove to some that they have a lot of potential!

Now, for those who still have to discover them: Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band that originates from Sweden and Denmark. Formed by Jake E. and Olof Morck, the project began taking shape when singers Elize Ryd and Andy Solvestrom signed on, as did drummer Morten Lowe. In April 2011 their debut album Amaranthe was released to worldwide acclaim, charting high in Sweden and Finland, and was the 84th most played album on Spotify in the whole world, all genres! In Spring of 2011 they did a full on European tour with Kamelot and Evergrey, and now they set their sights on the world!

The best songs get unveiled once they get the unplugged treatment, just as the best vocalist prove themselves once the song gets stripped! Well Amaranthe shows off both! Their tracks are just perfect and the vocals are still strong and pure! Listen to Hunger & Afterlife! Playing high and low on the vocal cords, still powerful and emotional! Santa Claus has come, so far it’s clear, making a lot of fans happy (except those who already bought all the special versions and every single). Just listen to the original version and get persuaded! Amaranthine (sounds like a happy Walt Disney production and o so romantic: both voices blend in perfectly, it’s magical), Burn with Me (more magic), Trinity (see the light, hear the great piano and get emotional) & Blue (is the last acoustic pearl, be ready to shed a tear).

So far the acoustic versions and damn: I hope they perform them one day on stage and why not during a festival like the Metal female Voices Fest?

Breaking point is an up-tempo bomb with a great mix between grunting, clean voice (male versus female), hammering drums and roaring guitars. The chorus is pretty catchy! Fans will absolutely adore this one! Last track is Splinter in My Soul: again a catchy one that will haunt you, make you jump up and down, play air guitar, bang your head, make you sing-a-long …

I can only say that Amaranthe is ready to conquer the world and I would love to see them on stage!