Ewert and The Two Dragons – Circles (Sire Records)

  Van Muylem    1 januari 2016

Their previous record was released with the help of the I Love You Records and now they signed Sire Records A Warner Music Group Company! Isn’t that a gigantic step for an Estonian band? Do I have to remind you that Estonia has only a population of 1.3 million people?

Last year they toured all over Europe and in The US. I suppose they ran into Sea Wolf , their US sound brother. Anyway with Million Miles as first track with got that sweet indie pop rock and the sticky and melancholic voice of Ewert Sundja. Pictures is the best known track from the album: more poppy sweetness and happy lyrics. More sweetness and a more horse riding sound comes with the more into country pop track Speechless. Listen to the tapping bass and the drums. Despite being speechless it’s a pretty happy vibe, almost like as if you become a butterfly and just hop from one flower to another, until the rhythm gets a faster boost. Getting older, well don’t we all? In this case it’s about a couple getting older together. Yes, more indie pop rock with that positive feel and some letting go in the musical way.

Gold Digger feels like more into sadness, the music gets even a little energetic outburst. Love is hard and causes lot of pain, you feel like a gold digger: it take a lot of time, hard-working and lots of luck before you get what you are looking for … Circles is a song about letting go, breaking the circle of love. It sounds like a campfire song. You are surrounded by darkness and silence, with now and then an owl making clear that he’s close to you. You drift softly during the sadness and sorrow and in the end you let go … Could have been seems like the song before we arrive in the story-line of Circles. Anyway: you get more sadness and melancholy as you waited for better things and in the end you know you have to cut yourself out of the vicious circle. Sound-wise we hear some influences from none less but the Beatles (I adore the sweet backings and the guitar).

Waiting for the weather to change is good advice for a lot of people: take your life in your own hands and don’t just wait for things to change. It’s a great motto and thus a great song! The backings are sweet, but the story about the young man who waits is pretty bitter. For sure a highlight on this album! Stranger is an up-tempo pop rock track about becoming a stranger in your own hometown and deciding to pack and leave it all behind. Warhorses is the last track, with a big bang. Lyrically it’s the short summer and the love feeling in the air, when it ends in the fall mothers pay the toll …

I must say that I had a better feeling after the previous album (Good Man Down). It all sounds a bit too much of the same (although it’s perfect as background music). At least I know that they are on stage still worth it! Try to catch them during one of their many gigs over the year!