Suicidal Romance - Love Beyond Reach (Alfa Matrix Records)

  Van Muylem    31 december 2015

Originally released in 2007, Love Beyond Reach is Suicidal Romance’s debut album which got mixed and mastered by Vasi Vallis (FROZEN PLASMA, REAPER). Today the reissue of this album in an extended edition including bonus tracks from the EP A Kiss To Resist, with special guest vocals by Jan Moser (LOST AREA, YADE) as well as a cover version of Erasure’s classic song Always. This new edition also features an all-new front cover design inked by Tomoki Haysaka of Sheerheart in Japan.

Strangely enough the title track is a wordless ouverture with a mysterious sound and a nice piano. The first  real track is Not Alone on which we hear the nice vocals of Viktoria Seimar and a real charismatic, dark and melancholic electro/gothic and very romantic sound. The sound is so good that even my 1,5 year old daughter is dancing on it.  More fun comes with Will It Be (For Us), as we get real stumping beats. Club land, here we come! For the first time we hear the harsh voice of Dmitry Darling (front man of Freakangel)in combination with the sweet voice of Viktoria (here her voice comes close to Silvy De Bie’s voice, known from the band Sylver, a man’s wet dream).Call me is softer (with that great piano), Viktoria’s vocals are like a nightingale. Angel of Love has a higher rhythm, with a combination of both voices with a more kinda Bonnie Tyler goes electro/gothic touch. White Snow starts with the great piano, quickly followed by some beats and some distortion, led by Dmitry’s voice pretty fast joined by our nightingale. It feels like a meltdown between evil and good. The synths play an important role in it, evoking the melancholic sound; whilst the beats create the wake-up call and make your boots want to dance. I want to defy Silvy De Bie to create a makeover for this song and why not flanked by Regi Penxten! That would be fun, but the chance is almost zero, sadly. Talking about Regi, the intro of Poisened Kiss refers a bit to him. The slight metallic sound in Dmitry’s voice a bit of a change, whilst our nightingale still steals hearts and enchant many men’s heads and that is also lyrically correct! Lonely Tears is a dark and very sad ballad, with a great piano and a real dramatic feel. It reminds me a bit of the title tracks from anime series like Elfenlied by Kumiko Noma with Lilium and A Ghost in A shell aka Home Stay by Yoko Kanno (except that these are a bit stronger and give me goosebumps). Prince of Darkness is the typical beauty versus the Beast track, with a high tempo and good for club land! More into synth pop land is Star, a track with great possibilities showing off their vocal and musical powers! It’s a pearl, like 9 in this row. In This Night (Lullaby) doesn’t sound like it with the monstrous voice in the beginning, however the piano and the nightingale’s voice interrupt it pretty fast (going very high on the tonal ladder). The drums sound like a marching order. It’s a pretty deranged track, mm: maybe we can call it a dark lullaby?

Next one and the first bonus track gets the help of Jan Moser, rendering the more poppy sound and giving it something catchier! Surely a must have if you only want to get a few tracks! Lose Your Fears reminds me even stronger of Sylver (not only the vocals but also the beats, close to a track called Forgiven, the tempo is higher). A more romantic vibe and a positive feel comes with the Erasure cover Always: a shot in the rose that will make you forget the original (great Euro pop feel)! Another extra is Our Game one for the kinky fetish lovers! I feel it can be used in some clubs to keep the people on the dance floor! I love the beats and the phrases picked from series or movies. Last track for this Estonian trip is Autumn (In Your Heart) sounds more like a possible Blutengel track and is thus a great end track for this Estonian well-crafted diamond! Yup, their debut album! I hope you take your time and check’m out!

  1. Love Beyond Reach 01:02
  2. Not Alone 04:51
  3. Will It Be (For Us) 05:05
  4. Call Me 03:35
  5. Angel Of Love 05:54
  6. White Snow 05:17
  7. Poisoned Kiss 04:21
  8. Lonely Tears 03:48
  9. Prince Of The Darkness 04:53
  10. Star 05:33
  11. In This Night (Lullaby) 03:37
  12. Like An Angel (feat. Jan Moser) 04:48
  13. Lose Your Fears 05:04
  14. Always (Erasure Cover) 05:00
  15. Our Game 05:19
  16. Autumn (In Your Heart) 03:57