Flesh & Fell – Stadscafé Excelsior (Jette, Belgium), 12/12/2015: a good try out is always a good start!

  Van Muylem    14 december 2015

It doesn’t happen much that I can go by foot to a concert and tonight it’s the try-out for the new Flesh & Fell tour. Not much people were aware of this and most of us got it directly from the band or from other followers of the band. Same goes for me and I live in Jette … But I’m in for the music, not for the little stories …

The stage is 2 feet high and pretty close to the audience, making a very intimate gig, just like club 69 with lots of interaction with the fans and thus creating a very special mood. It feels as if they play in their rehearsal room and simply invited some close friends.

Starting with Tipsy, a track that would have been great as almost last song (if I look back at the portion of consumed alcohol on stage: Duvel and in the end some Maitranc). Laurence Castelein had to fill the gap after the previous singer felt badly ill. Already on their most recent CD (Flesh & Fell) Laurence proved to have a great voice (sometime coming close to Jo Lemaire). Pierre Goudesone still remains the driver and he has a great guitar player next to him Laurent Stelleman.

Something in Between and LSD are ideal for Laurent to show off and really got me hooked with his style and drive: playing as if he was performing in the O2 arena in London or somewhere else amongst great bands like Foo Fighters or Iron Maiden. Hunger (listen to the wall of sound and great vocals) is by now a classic track. Poker Joker is the newest track (check the video) and sounds pretty representative for their sound anno 2015: perfect rock mixed with some retro wave feel.

Suicide Hero is a sad song with a clear referral to nowadays. It’s a bit scary, but the lyrics still fit what we all fear (I don’t need to specify, right?). As we are in Brussels the French of E-Rotica gets lots of positive feedback. The Wind is yet another classic one (Muse stole some and worked it into Bliss, check for yourself) and gets live the power needed. Dandy & for sure The Devil in Me gets more people into their game (and yes: a joke about them drinking Duvel during this one was to be expected if you know them well enough). With Suspicious and Tongue-Tied we get close to the end. A great classic track end the regular set: Emma. Originally from Hot Chocolate but most of us know it from the live versions brought by the legendary Sisters of Mercy and yes this version comes close to the legend!

Despite the fact that not much people attended this gig there was enough will to ask for an encore.

Pierre serves us Perfect Companion from his solo career were he sings and Laurence grabs his bass. For a short while Pierre even gets into the crowd and animates the show. Some wanted a bit more, whilst others started to ask where was the drummer, but it was closing time.

I left with the hunger for more, but with the feeling that this was a good try out, so the people in the B52 (their next gig) will get a pretty well warmed up band!

I’m looking forward to her the new songs that will be on their new album!