Draconian – Sovran (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    11 december 2015

I saw Draconian at the last edition of the Metal Female Voices fest in Wieze (Belgium), Heike Langhans proved that she was worth her place as new female vocalist. She brought new and old songs as if she wrote and composed them herself! She’s a real nightingale and now is the time to unveil a part of the new path …

Heavy Lies The Crown starts with a Dark Doom metal riff and very mysteriously, almost like a thriller in the midst of the desert whilst the sun is burning. Heike’s voice and a piano brings back the peace, but her voice is filled with sadness. Whilst Anders Jacobsson grunts and grabs the darkness. I adore the bass, just as the epic sound. Strangely enough its seems as if there is no difference with The wretched Tide (except for the violin), it seems as if one songs flows over into the next one. Towards the end the tempo rises a bit and we hear more grunting and a more aggressive approach. Pale Tortured Blue is a heavenly clash between Heike and Anders. The changes in the tempo also changes the mood and the attitude, the slower parts are sweeter whilst the faster parts are more firing off poison. Stellar Tombs is way faster, with drums on fire until Heike starts to sing, as if the nightingale brings peace and love whilst Anders tears it away and lets the darkness into the game. Stills tears are shed and one is asked to set free and release one. It’s a very dark and very sad song, giving me goosebumps. No Lonelier Star announces more sadness, with a high tempo in the beginning! Dusk Mariner has lots of sweet moments, each time intercepted by Anders grunting (lifting the tempo). I already heard the live version at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Wieze and noticed how good it went on stage, same goes for this album version! I love the guitar sound (more into blues). It feels like the best track on this album so far. The feelings get into you as they feel real and lived through! The sound is a bit wider and more worked out, with a more melodic touch. The tempo rises a bit towards the end. The highlight of the album is without any doubt one of the best ballads of 2015 (next to Amberian Dawn, check their last album): Rivers Between Us (feat. Daniel Änghede). Two beautiful voices united, with lots of feelings lifting it to the level of pure gold! Check out the video! The Marriage of Attaris should be – according to what I expect from the title – very into throwing a party filled with positive emotions and building up a party: none of it is true! This one is a very sad song, filled with sad feelings and pain. Heike’s voice is very sentimental and delicate. The last words of this one leave you in pain and leaves a painful silence!

Draconian served us a lot of sadness, rage and pain and they love it! Another fact is that Heike and Anders are getting along perfectly synchronized! I’m pretty sure lots of fans that loved Draconian before Heike joined the band will not turn away and will even be mesmerized. I for sure loved it and enjoyed the whole album!