Amberian Dawn – Innuendo (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    15 december 2015

It’s the band's 6th album, released pretty short after their previous album Magic Forest. The sound is slightly different (lesser into musical and more into metal), they have evolved a bit. In my ears they sound much better and it looks as if they are ready to conquer the world and finally play more!

Starting with Fame and Glory (as I said in the intro …), in this and with the up-tempo, a good feel it’s a bit strange to talk about getting fame and glory on the battlefield. One thing is for sure: Capri has a great voice! The studio work resulted in a perfectly crafted and very expensive diamond! I hope this diamond will get a stage, so that we all can see its real face. I can’t imagine a stronger opening track than this one! With this Amberian Dawn has become one of the finest female fronted symphonic metal bands.

Ladyhawk (from Musclor? Do you remember that one?) is sweet versus bitter, an up-tempo track with a very melodic sound and lots of positive feelings (almost as if it was written to be performed during the Eurosong contest). Redemption and getting up after dark times is the main theme. It’s yet another pearl!

The main track has been inspired by Queen, it gives hope and has a slight ABBA vibe (listen to the backings) and also talks about the downsides in life, the harsh reality. The symphonic sound carries the track and lifts it up to a higher level, whilst the guitars and drums keep on hammering and Capri’s beautiful voice gives it a positive touch.

The Court of Mirror Hall pulls guitars and synth to the front, the tempo is a bit slower. It’s a song about a wedding and it feels like throwing a heavy metal party! Angelique is a great ballad (just listen to the piano and the vocals) about redemption and salvation. The fragility lifts it whilst we hear clearly that Capri has done her part in real musicals and has trained her voice in the most professional way. It’s pure gold! Ok, it’s a bit bombastic sometimes, but I can only shout out that this one is simply one of the best ballads of 2015!

Something totally different is the sped up Rise of The Evil: it’s a heavy metal bomb with now and then the time to catch some breath. Chamber of DreadfulDreams has a high tempo, more synths and a slice of a symphonic sound with sharp guitars and lots of hammering. I cherish the vocals as it seems like walking over the vocal cords is just a child’s game! Knock Knock Who’s There has powerful vocals that will enchant you. I get a Santa Claus feeling or the feeling that a princess will be saved or even the Frozen story … (maybe it was an outtake of the original soundtrack?). The Witchcraft feels like a Disney outtake (Frozen or Snow White). It sounds very catchy and very symphonic, with a very well worked out sound and very complex: lots of musical twists, changes in the tempo, instruments jumping in and out, vocal changes ... It’s a very interesting song (with a great piano part included). Watch out for the chorus or you’ll sing it the whole day! Your Time – My Time is already the last track, with a very melodic sound, an interesting guitar solo but with a fade out rather than of a big bang. Despite this minor end I still go to repeat all. I can say I enjoyed this trip and hope to see them finally on stage and why not during the Metal Female Voice fest in Wieze (October 2016)?

Thumbs up!