LOVELORN DOLLS - Happy Valentine EP (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    15 oktober 2015

‘This female fronted electro gothic rock band has everything to conquer the status of a superstar! It's not only the catchy melancholy, the perfect melodic sound, the lyrics, the artwork, the passion or the perfect vocals: no, their music is just like superglue. Once it’s dropped on you, it's impossible to get rid of it!’

This is what I wrote down about them in the past and it still stands! The new EP brings us one song from their latest full album Japanese Robot Invasion. I already saw a video in the past and I like the message of the song as domestic violence (and abused & battered women in general) is indeed not done and just offering flowers to make it up is like putting make-up over bruises or hiding blue eyes (due to being beaten) behind sunglasses …

So for those who still have to catch up with the full album: It all starts with the catchy Happy valentine, the beginning might remind you of Marilyn Manson, but once Ladyhell opens her throat and starts to sing this tracks reaches its first high. The vocals will enchant you. The melancholy and the guitars are just so perfect! It’s utterly bitter sweetness! Don’t forget the catchy chorus either, but above all don’t forget the message behind the song! The ghost piano version is another highlight, as it also shows off that this song has also enough power left being stripped! It’s a very dark but catchy and head haunting rework! The vocals remain like pure gold! In this version you get goosebumps and it will touch you very deeply! I hope they manage to bring this version on stage!

Another good version is the band’s own producer Maxx of Helalyn Flowers with a Eurobeat version (nice retro touch and catchy tune, without any guitars), followed Restriction 9 remix (a breakbeat mix, I hear some Ghost in the Shell in it, remember the title track: Home Stay), a modern dancefloor minded mix by UK dark techno club guru DJ Simon Carter (inclusive male vocals that give it another dimension), and as last a very dramatic and almost a capella version by Jean-Marc Lederman (THE WEATHERMEN, etc.). The mix between the devilish side and the angelic singing is really perfect as it show some real story telling and an emotional outburst! It’s an adventurous version, but an absolute must check out version!

After that we get 7 bonus live songs recorded during their gig at the Eurorock festival in May 2015 (sadly the quality of the recording is not as good as the most recent live album from Freakangel). It’s a nice way to hear them on stage. The songs you get are great tracks (old and new) with even a French song (it sounded a beat strange to me, but once you get used to it you are gone with it). After this live set it popped up into my mind that they actually sound like the female version of Star Industry (I’m wandering what they think about that). I hope they get booked more and who knows, we might meet! And, yes: I’m hoping they get a shot at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Wieze, next year!


01. Happy Valentine (original version)

02. Happy Valentine (ghost piano version by Kristell Lowagie & Maja Marcucci)

03. Happy Valentine (Euromance mix by Helalyn Flowers)

04. Happy Valentine (Restriction 9 remix)

05. Happy Valentine (Simon Carter’s Clubbed Up mix)

06. Happy Valentine (Jean-Marc Lederman remix)


BONUS (live at Eurorock Festival 2015)

07. The Thrill (live)

08. No Life (live)

09. Purple (live)

10. Japanese Robot Invasion (live)

11. Happy Valentine (live)

12. Aux Dieux (live)

13. Miss Friday Night (live)

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