XMH - Snakes EP (Alfa Matrix)

  Van Muylem    2 augustus 2015

My favorite Dutch aggrotech band strikes back with a 7-track EP to guarantee you a hot summer on the electro/EBM dancefloors; you'll be sweating, dancing, jumping, having fun and in good company of Snakes

Instant club hit from the In Your Face album, Snakes is this time featured in 4 exclusive previously unreleased kick-ass remixed versions by Benjamin’s Plague, K-Bereit, Evil Goat Riders and harsh electro American new label mates Venal Flesh! The EP also gets injected with a powerful reinterpretation of The Business by Betamorphose and an awesome and unpredictable remix of Forever by the legendary cult act The  Arch.

I must say I loved Snakes from the first time I listened to the album and heard it more than enough on stage, knowing that it is a hit (listen to the stumping beats, harsh sound and great vocals)! Jump up, clap your hands and show your love for XMH! If you stand still during this one you must be a tree or a rock! I really hope lots of DJ’s give it a chance and try it out during a party! Radios have to play it, but that is sadly these days a dream, as mainstream is ruling! Benjamin gives it his plague treatment: hitting harder and adding a bit of a Eurobeat sound (together with the robot voice). The Venal Flesh remix is worth a shot: it’s harder, cleaner and recreated (meaning: they really worked hard on it).

Evil Goat Riders turn it into a Suicide Commando track, inclusive the typical opening (marching sound from Hellraiser), yet another clubhit is born! What Betamorphose does with The Business is a new approach, but I prefer the original (some beats are not bad, just as most of the sound, but I think the original is much stronger: I feel they could make it harder and harsher, put more violence into it). The K-Bereit is by far my favorite one: a higher tempo in the beginning, more beats and the perfect drive! It’s totally fucked up on speed and I adore it! I think that K-Bereit can do more with them (why not write a song together and punch a duet out of it)! Can’t wait to get their new stuff either! Bela Lugosi is Dead (Bauhaus) is the first thing think about when I listen to Forever, but after a while it gets a touch of Faith and The Muse. The Arch delivers us a nice surprise in the end: a great mix between gothic, cold wave and electro!

I must say that A. Matrix has a nose for special things and I really loved this EP! Let’s hope it gets the airplay needed and a push in the back for the concerned bands!


1. Snakes (Album version)

2. Snakes (BENJAMIN'S PLAGUE remix)

3. Snakes (VENAL FLESH remix)

4. Snakes (EVIL GOAT RIDERS remix)

5. The Business (BETAMORPHOSE remix)

6. Snakes (K-BEREIT remix)

7. Forever (THE ARCH remix)