John Garcia & White Miles 3/7/2015 - Balzaal Vooruit, Ghent (Belgium)

  Van Muylem    5 juli 2015

We are here for some great Stone Rock and it’s bloody hot, as if we are indeed in the middle of the desert! The Balzaal is a nice place, pretty epic with the wooden elements and the great decoration, but no airco.

White Miles is the opening band (and also a real warming up band).  This duo (with its origins in Madagascar) describes themselves as ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock’. I must say I feel some punk in it too (for sure the attitude and the energy). Medina (lead vocals) moves and acts as if she is Joe Strummer and in fact she might be his female version! People start pretty fast react in a positive way to the upcoming energy. Each track is a bomb track, served with licks, hooks, hammering, vocals and a drummer on fire! The longer they play the more people show up and start reacting positively to the music.

At some point I sense a guitar demonstration and the crowd loves it! One of the tracks Crazy Horse sound a bit more into blues, but the rest is pretty much straight forward played and very energetic guitar music with an animal on the drums (and behind the micro and guitar)! The last track is pulling out the last fuel with Medina leaving the stage to perform in the midst of her fans. It’s a surprising move for a lot of people, but for sure highly appreciated and strengthening the bound! I adored this gig and want to review some White Miles after such a great gig!

John Garcia is highly acclaimed by the fans, promoting the first solo album (I must say: I loved it and rated it 99/100 in the past year). It’s really great to see and hear the fans screaming from the first seconds. As John Garcia has an utterly praised past with Kyuss we’ll get some (and just count the shirts mentioning this band and you’ll see why he can’t let it go easily). Molten Universe is the opener, let in the music and let the guitars scream! Gardenia is the next Kyuss track, heating it all up. The temperature inside feels like hell, but the fans are in sweating heaven! Arms in the air, vocally supporting their God on stage, nodding heads, some jumping up and down, lots of sweating! Next one is One Inch Man before we enter the first solo track My Mind quickly followed by the Black Mastiff cover Rolling Stoned. I know for sure that this one is beloved by many fans and is already turned into a John Garcia classic stage track! I must say that with his nice suit he looks more and more like Ricky Gervais. Some Hermano with Cowboys suck, fast and with a heavy riff! Performed as is on fire! Thumb is another Kyuss track, been very fast recognized by the fans and thus applauded and giving a warm welcome. Conan Troutman also gets a warm applause. In between we get some guitar fight, time for John to cool a bit down and drink some cooled Belgium beer. Space Vato is the name of this fight.

5000 Miles is another great one from the solo album and during this tour it might be indeed that he is 5000 miles away from his love, but isn’t performing in front of a lot of fans also a great love? The Blvd & All These Walls are other great tracks from the solo album getting a great live version. More Kyuss come with El Rodeo and the final track of the regular set Green Machine: another outburst of energy.

The fans shouted for a long time before they all return, but it was clear that they would have screamed for longer if needed! The roof was on fire and with another Kyuss track Freedom Run the fire just keeps on spreading! At that moment I even notice an ex member of Kyuss Lives (Bruno Fevery.) of Kyuss backstage, but it’s apparently too late to jump on stage. July is a Slo Burn Song, loved by the fans who are very happy to hear it in this set and show it off as clear and as loud as they can! Whitewater is the last one and will be the last bomb. It’s a great final for a hot trip towards a musical heaven!  I can see some crowd surfing for the first time.  Ehren Groban (the guitar player) couldn’t resist and also jumped into the sea of fans.  We can only thank the fans and the people on stage for the great time!


        Molten Universe         (Kyuss song)

        Gardenia        (Kyuss song)

        One Inch Man        (Kyuss song)

        My Mind

        Rolling Stoned

        Cowboys Suck        (Hermano song)

        Thumb        (Kyuss song)

        Conan Troutman        (Kyuss song)

        Space Vato

        5000 Miles

        Tangy Zizzle        (Kyuss song)

        The Blvd

        All These Walls

        El Rodeo        (Kyuss song)

        Green Machine        (Kyuss song)


        Freedom Run        (Kyuss song)

        July        (Slo Burn song)

        Whitewater        (Kyuss song)

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