Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    30 juni 2015

Sirenia has come back with a great album, reaching out to the feel of the first two albums, bringing us great melodic and symphonic gothic metal! Once again the artwork is simply amazing!

At a certain time it was normal to have a beauty and the beast element in this kind of bands, but too much people copied that by now. For that reason it’s great that Sirenia worked harder than ever before and wanted absolutely to deliver quality and reach higher than what has become average.

Already from the intro you get dragged into a dramatic scene with a big orchestral sound. Ailyn and Morten Veland serves us a real serpent with the track baring the same name: crawling from soft to raw over to angelic, hammering and over to melodic … The first real track is already a big shot in the rose!

Once my Light feels so romantic and so romantic, but read the lyrics and you’ll find out the truth. Elixir sounds very attractive with lots of different kind of vocals and a very rich sound. Sons of the North sounds very inspired by Game of Thrones, just listen or read the lyrics. The winter has come and that’s the start of a very dramatic feel! Earendel serves us more drama: a fight between the vocal powers, backed by the symphonic sound and great guitars. This one sounds like heaven, now and then disturbed by a demon passing by.

Concealed Disdain has a high drive, with now and then an angelic break. Insania continues where the previous track left us. Contemptuous Quitus and The Silver Eye carry the same dramatic vibe, dragging the best out of themselves. Tragedienne is the last track and is the perfect ballad: soft, romantic, great philharmonic sound, with now and then a piano and some guitars on the background, led by the unique voice of Ailyn!

It’s a great one! Can’t wait to see them back on stage!