Suicide Commando - The Pain That You Like Maxi CD (Out of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    30 juni 2015

Belgian Electro-God Johan Van Roy aka Suicide Commando yet again raises the bar for quality hard electronic music with the new maxi The Pain That You Like. The title song features one of the gods of EBM, the legendary Front-242-singer Jean-Luc de Meyer on guest vocals! To me that was the biggest surprise but also one of the best moves he ever made!

At first I didn’t read the promotional stuff and just focused on the music and was captivated by the new vocals. Honest as I am I can say I didn’t recognize the vocals immediately, but they fit in so well! The music is stronger, more into a dancefloor filler in a gentle way. J-L’s voice adds an extra dimension and changes a bit the regular sound of Suicide Commando, making it a new direction and a big change! After a while the sound and the vocals get a bit more into the usual aggressive vibe, but the beats keep it going, high tempo and very innovative range. It’s clear that 1+1 equals 3 in this case! It feels as if more of this is possible. The combination of both Gods is just groundbreaking and perfect! Fans will scream for more! Tension will rise, just as the expectations! This is really spectacular!

Crack Up sounds like a typical old school Suicide Commando track, with the addition of some new and very catchy sounds (a bit referring to Lykki-Li on I Follow you, Deap Sea Baby.

First remix of the title track is the Pleasure & Pain Remix: giving it a more club mood swing and  a warmer sound. This is as if one is screaming: Party on, arms in the air and keep on dancing! Hell yeah, dance your boots off! The There will be Blood Remix by Pride & Fall sounds like a harsh Front-242 version and that isn’t illogical at all. The Comatose edit by FragileChild of Crack Up gives it a bit of a happier feel, due to the catchy and softer music, giving it a deeper and more trance kind of a groove.

C-Lekktor throws a bomb on the dancefloor with the remix of the title track. It’s pretty cool to know that they keep on working together and keep on influencing each other! Once again it’s 1+1=3. This is yet another golden duo. Clubbalistic, fabulous and simply the best remix possible for this one! It’s harder, faster and perfectly worked out! We end with the Decoded Feedback remix of the same track. Fans of Decoded Feedback will recognize their own style ant that is always nice to see that they turned it into one of their own. It’s a nice end for a great EP!

Expectations are high, in fact they have never been higher. I really hope to hear more collaborations with J-L and C-Lekktor as they both bring up the best possible sound. Another one would be a new collaboration with Claus (PNE), yes: dreaming is allowed! What will we get for the full CD? No clue, but you already know now that this EP is a must have!

Bow for the gods, Belgium rules!

 The Pain That  You Like is released as a Maxi-CD (limited to 999 hand-numbered copies) and as a strictly limited fan bundle featuring the release on CD and as an exclusive picture vinyl,  plus an exclusive T-shirt,  printed cotton bag and hand-numbered ownership certificate!

Track listing:

The Pain That You Like

Crack Up

The Pain That You Like (Pleasure & Pain Remix)

The Pain That You Like (There Will Be Blood Remix by Pride & Fall)

Crack Up (Comatosedit by FragileChild)

The Pain That You Like (C-Lekktor Remix)

The Pain That You Like (Decoded Feedback Remix)