THE 69 EYES - Devils (The Special Edition) Nuclear Blast

  Van Muylem    14 mei 2015

After releasing a best off and Paris Kills we now also get Devils a classic gothic/Rock album with lots of pearls! Enjoy the ride in company of some scary Helsinki vampires!

It starts with great goth ‘n roll Devils: the sound and chorus conquered my heart, almost jumping up and down, arms raise and looking to the sky! The dramatic feel is so real! Scream a-long or play some air guitar on this one! Feel Berlin could be an ode to David Bowie and David Lynch, with referrals like ‘Boys keep swinging Wild At Heart until the morning’. You can call it Berlin Blues, for sure with the female backings, the little clap your hands moment, the hold back main vocals: it just has it to be a great song! Nothing on you starts like a good old rocker, commercial style: hot and steamy and keeps up a smile on your face until the end! Joe Satriani might be jealous about the guitar player in this one! Sister of charity starts with some priests chant, looking for the holy spirit and with a very melodic sound. The melodramatic vibe is almost overwhelming you.

Who doesn’t know the movie Lost Boys? Well, this one sounds as the perfect main title for it (yeah, I know: it is actually): it’s catchy, adventurous, real Goth’n roll (as they call it themselves). The vocals are fitting in a vampire story; with a little Billy Idol twist (for sure the backings and some guitar play). The music is just so appealing and great! Let yourself go and rock along, as nothing is going to make you stop! You’re gonna rock! Jimmy sounds like a love song with strings and acoustic guitar, but tears and a runaway bride are lyrically leading the track. More drama comes in with August Moon, the perfect soundtrack for a horror movie. Beneath the Blue is very catchy, with a very smooth and commercial sound. The groovy vampirish vocals are perfectly set (just as the sweet backings). Hard to sit still during this one. Christina Death could be laughing with Christina Aguilera, not sure if it is.

Anyway: the sound is very catchy and before you know you are even singing every word all along as if you are the lead vocalist. Hevioso is a strange name, it’s the name of is an African voodoo deity of thunder, worshipped in West Africa. This doesn’t explain why we here an Shaman or at least an Indian magician chanting. Only you can save me is a great ballad with some cool solo halfway. Halfway  it sounds like a mantra, keeping it safe. From Dusk Till Dawn (and yes: we saw the movies and loved them) is  a great rocker! Be ready to throw your arms in the air and do some head banging! Let yourself go!

Pitchblack is a more metal minded, with a touch of sweetness and dreamy backings (even gospel minded). It’s a nice extra. Last extra is the radio edit of Feel Berlin.

Again, nice to hear these cool tracks again. Next stop will be the rerelease of Angel!