Blind Alley : new album "Primal howl"

  Tom V    5 december 2014

Get ready to discover Zoé J. Roy, a singer/songwriter in the vein of PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple or Patti Smith and soul of Blind Alley. A voice and a universe ideally framed by an inspired yet efficient band. Moving directly from the studio to the stage, Zoé and her companions - Sébastien Kohler, Karam Al Zouhir, Joris Coimbra & Clément Ishere - invite the listener into inner, emotional, sonic travels. Something the band calls indie/alternative world rock music. 

After a first record in 2012 ("Ordinary madness") and a year touring, Blind Alley produced a nine dark trackswhich mix blues, folk-rock and oriental vibes called "Primal Howl". A rough rock jewel  born in Rodolphe Burger's Klein Leberau studio and available right now for full streaming. The album features two highly-skilled indian musicians, Abhisek Lahiri, well-known genius ofthe sarod, and Parthasarathi Mukerjee, a veritable tabla master.

Listen the whole album | Get the digital version / the CD version (coming soon)