Deathless Legacy releases "Mater Larvarum" vinyl version

  Van Muylem    7 juli 2024

Deathless Legacy will release the gold marbled vinyl version (300 copies) of "Mater Larvarum" on July 19th through Scarlet Records. Originally released in 2022 as the sixth studio album of the Italian horror metal visionaires, "Mater Larvarum" will be available for the first time in vinyl celebrating the Deathless Legacy unstoppable creepy march.

"Mater Larvarum" tracklist:

01 Ora Pro Nobis
02 Nightfall
03 Hollow

04 Fade Into The Dark

05 The Coven

06 Absolution

07 Moonless Night
08 Queen Of The Infernal Pantheon

09 Altar Of Bones

10 Run

11 Mater Larvarum

Check out the album review:

SNOOZECONTROL - DEATHLESS LEGACY - Mater Larvarum (Scarlet Records)


Deathless Legacy:

Steva - vocals

Sgt. Bones - guitar

Alex van Eden - keyboards

Deadwood Nick - bass

Frater Orion - drums

Revyla - performances