Kilmarth – Radical Entropy (self-released)

  Van Muylem    16 juni 2024

Kilmarth is Cedric Wattergniaux, a former collaborator of Side-Line magazine (so basically an ex-colleague, yup I also worked in the past for them). He is for as long as I know him been part of the music scene and built up his own taste and music. It is not his first EP as he released one already before this one but it is the first one that was sent to my mailbox and I can’t say no to Cedric.

No vocals, no guitars so yes it will be a special trip for me as I try to rock around electronic stuff with no vocals but hence it’s Cedric, so here we go …

1-8 is the first track and sounds like an ambient track that has been played off on vinyl. I hear some special bleeps and bits, some kind of scratching and some deep house.

Traumschalf starts with something that sound slike coming from a movie, afterwards the track changes into a mix of floating, soft drum’n bass and deep house. The end is a bit strange: some cracking and distortion and suddenly cutting of the power.

Konkrete Utopie reminds me in the beginning of the start of a certain PNE track (except the intro takes more time) afterwards it changes into a classic IDM track with jazzy influences and some Commodore 64 bleeps. This is also the point where I am asked: “This is absolutely not your style: it’s instrumental. Are you reviewing it?” The answer is: Yes, for once.

Frenetic Neutralist could have been an old track from the 80’s from J-M Jarre mixed with some soft drum’n bass.

1-3 is a short electronic track with a mid-tempo and a modern sound but has no explosion towards the end and simply stops at some point.

Morts en état de Grâce builds up whilst kids are reading a text in French (I suppose taken from the bible or something similar). The sound is a bit spooky and sometimes you hear a devilish voice coming between them. Halfway it changes into a more drum’n bass orientated track and ends suddenly.

Yup, not my cup of tea, but I survived it and even published it. At least like this there’s a bit more exposure for this Belgian artist! For lovers of instrumental electronic music!