CORLYX - New Single And Music Video "The Sacrifice"

  Van Muylem    23 mei 2024

Dark pop duo Corlyx released their latest single, "The Sacrifice," accompanied by a visually thrilling music video. Available today through Out Of LineMusic, the new track is a masterful blend of 80’s post punk, 90’s rock, grunge, and modern darkwave, creating an irresistibly haunting yet upbeat anthem.

"This song has all the witchy drama; it’s slightly camp but spooky and very fun to dance to," explains Caitlin Stokes of Corlyx. "I wanted to tell a story of a forest witch who was wrongfully murdered and resurrects to seek her revenge. She is also a euphemism for Mother Earth and the destruction of nature, her fury continues to wreak havoc on the wickedness of man...we are her sacrifice."
Watch the video here:
Brandon Ashley adds, “Yes, we actually used rain and thunder noises in the production, totally setting the mood and giving this track that 90’s spooky rock feel. This song is a great combination of post-punk with a tinge of gothic 70’s rock, working our way up to add as many flavours as possible for this next record." 
Listen here:
With their new release, Corlyx continues to explore the dark crevices in their music while forging a path forward with their eclectic style. "The Sacrifice" promises to be a dancefloor favourite and also a powerful experience, drawing listeners into a mystic world where the past and present collide in melody and mystery.

Her soul keeps me awake
 The final resting place
 Has been disturbed by dread
 She rises up instead...
 Get ready for the sacrifice
 Come dance with us as we cast spells in the night...


Corlyx online:
Tiktok: @Corlyx.official
Instagram: @corlyx_official
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Corlyx Live is: 
Vox + Keytar: Caitlin Stokes
Vox + Guitars: Brandon Ashley 
Bass: Davide Rocco