Fatal Casualties – Guest EP I (Minimalkombinat)

  Van Muylem    13 mei 2024

From time to time people who are in my friends list come up with nice stuff and then it’s me asking them if I can review it. It happens, although I have lesser and lesser time lately. Fatal Casualties is one of those I asked …

The experimental soundscapes and gripping narratives of Fatal Casualties latest musical journey. With their signature blend of experimental beats & sounds, "Guest EP I" transcends boundaries to deliver an musical experience. You´re invited to dive into a sonic journey that explores themes of resilience, introspection, and the ever-evolving landscape of the human experience.

Fatal Casualties will release 3 "Guest EP´s" in 2024, and the theme on these 3 "Guest EP´s" are the nice collaborations with different underground heroes & artists that has contributed. The fine German label Minimalkombinat will make these 3 "Guest EP" releases and the first to be discovered is "Guest EP I"!

The contributing guests on the "Guest EP I" are: Dean Piavani (Portion Control), Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Émelie Huard (Prosymna), Pelle Ossler & Mick Clarke.
Artwork made by the Swedish artist Tomas Lacke.

The releaseformat will be a one-sided vinyl 12“ plus CD, and you place your pre-orders in the Minimalkombinat post here:
Note that Minimalkombinat only press the copies that´re pre-ordered .

Talk Too Much with guest vocals from Dean Piavani (Portion Control) is a slow one with some industrial/experimental sounds getting mixed up with a techno vibe. The start is a bit strange, but once you waited long enough you hear where the song is really going too and it’s not a fat one but a portion under control (under a bit too much control).

I Keep Falling with guest vocals from Stephen Mallinder (Cabarat Voltaire) starts slowly and slowly becomes an old school New Wave track with the Cabaret Voltaire influences (logical) and some Fad Gadget kind of tricks. The basic beats are great, but a bit hidden (included an almost stop and go). Fans of old school music will for sure adore this track!

Vi Finns Altid with Emilie Huard(Prosymna) is according to me sung in Finnish (but excuse me: it’s sung in Sweden, but hey I speak neither of them). The vocals are in the beginning not loud enough, but it gradually gets better. I hear nice beats getting mixed up with a mysterious touch.

The Captain with guest vocals from Pelle Ossler and starts in a very experimental way (low tempo, weird sounds) with a spoken word done by Pelle Ossler. It’s a bit too experimental for me.

I Keep Falling Iron Blue Remix by Mick Clarke puts the focus on the beats (with a clear old school Ne Wave touch) and keeps up a good tempo. I’m sure this version can be used in clubland, so give it a spin!

Well: I heard some good stuff and this EP is always nice to discover other artists through this one. Looking forward to get part 2! Keep up the good work!