Van Muylem    10 mei 2024

After a sold-out album release club tour in March and the release of their third album ‘The Great Calm’ , Whispering Sons is on a high.

“I smoked them out” was the first sentence Fenne had written for the new record, but it did not get a follow-up until much later in the writing process. Only when the song underwent drastic changes from a long dragging track to a concise and energetic one did everything make sense. With a chorus clocking in within 30 seconds and a guitar solo that isn’t really a guitar solo (inspired by the Buzzcocks’ unequalled ‘Boredom’), ‘Something Good’ is the most pop-fuelled track on the album. The lyrics however are not as upbeat as the music, dealing with an uncertainty that stems from making a seismic decision.

third album ‘The Great Calm’ out via [PIAS]

07/07 Rock Werchter (4de keer!)

13/07 Cactus Festival

19/07 Rock Herk

13/12 AB, Brussel

This is what I wrote album th etrack in my album review:

Something Good has a good tempo, a nice global sound, some outbursts but focuses mainly on the story telling. The guitar play is excellent and keeps this track very interesting. I love the line: I smoked them out and the way Fenne builds up the tension with this one line! Excellent work!

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SNOOZECONTROL - Whispering Sons - The Great Calm (PIAS)