PALESKIN - Near Heaven (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    6 mei 2024

Paleskin, Sweden's rising alternative rock/emo trio, released their new single "Near Heaven." Known for their blend of alt-rock, emo, shoegaze, and metalcore, "Near Heaven" explores the profound depths of despair and the desire to cling to love in life's final moments. It stands out as one of Paleskin’s heaviest and most impactful tracks, blending haunting lyrics with a powerful mix of screams and melodic singing. The accompanying music video enhances the track's themes, the intense and often painful connection between love and loss

The band describes "Near Heaven" as a song "about when you don’t see any escape but the end, and you want to be with your lover in your last minutes of life. Nothing else in the world brings you joy, and you just want to stay in that moment forever and vanish away."

Paleskin has rapidly gained popularity with their modern blend of emo, shoegaze, and nu-metal, drawing comparisons to acts like Sleep Token, Loathe, and Brutus. The release of "Near Heaven" is set to solidify their place as a band that isn’t afraid to explore dark and poignant themes. 

Catch Paleskin live at upcoming performances at the German edition of the Mosh City Festival in the Bochum Zeche on May 30th and Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin on May 31st. Tickets available now: Bochum Tickets | Berlin Tickets.

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