FEUERSCHWANZ - Warriors (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    3 mei 2024

I saw them for the very first time on stage during the sold-out Trolls et Légèndes Festival in Mons whilst I reviewed their previous album and their live album that was revealed to celebrate their 10 years anniversary. My son and I loved the gig and I kept following them. Interviewed them and saw them grow and become more and more popular. Today it will be 20 years and o yes: they evolved and now even launch a complete album sung in English, with on top some of the biggest stars besides them! Enjoy the ride together with us!

FEUERSCHWANZ celebrate their 20th anniversary with an absolute novelty in the history of the band! The first album recorded entirely in English by the #1-charting German band, Warriors, is released on May 3, 2024 via Napalm Records. In addition to ten well-known hits, newly arranged and performed in English, Warriors also presents a brand-new song and a cover track. The band around founding member and singer Hauptmann Feuerschwanz, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Hodi, as well as Johanna on the violin, welcome top-class names as guests, such as Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost),Francesco Cavalieri (Wind Rose), Dominum, Orden Ogan and Patty Gurdy. Warriors will be available in numerous, partly strictly limited formats.

Founded in 2004, FEUERSCHWANZ have evolved over the years from their roots in comedic medieval folk rock into a band to be taken seriously, and are rightly regarded as one of the hottest acts on the scene. After they hit #1 on the Official German Album Charts for the first time with Memento Mori (2021), Germany's hottest band managed to repeat that great success with their latest studio album Fegefeuer (2023). With premium slots at numerous festivals, such as co-headline slots at the legendary Wacken and Summer Breeze Open Airs, as well as abroad, including at Masters Of Rock and on the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise in the Caribbean, and an almost completely sold-out headlining tour, FEUERSCHWANZ underlined their outstanding position all the more last year. Many dates of the upcoming big Fegefeuer headline tour in 2024 are already completely sold out.

Warriors looks back on a remarkable track record of tireless work and is further proof that FEUERSCHWANZ not only welcome challenges with open arms, but actively seek them out. Newly recorded - and for the first time ever in English - songs like "Highlander", "Das Elfte Gebot” (The Forgotten Commandment), "Memento Mori", "Untot im Drachenboot" (Death on the Dragonship), "Bastard of Asgard" and "Fegefeuer" (Purgatory) take on a whole new character, but still sound familiar in FEUERSCHWANZ style. With "The Unholy Grail", FEUERSCHWANZ surprise their fans with a brand new song and take them directly into a captivating world full of legends and heroic battles. The final track is a cover of the Assassin's Creed classic "Valhalla Calling" by Miracle Of Sound, which fits perfectly into the overall work and discography of FEUERSCHWANZ. Warriors is a new milestone in FEUERSCHWANZ's successful career, which only knows its way to the top!

Highlander (English Version) starts with the classic bagpipes and a auditive bomb. As I am not really well understanding German, I’m happy I can now really understand what is sung. Once I am used to hear it in English I am totally sold! This will be a banger on stage (together with the strong backings)! I can’t wait to see them at Durbuy Rock in Belgium (11/5). Somehow I have a feeling it will be like a return back to home as their first gig in Belgium was in Mons and this year they will even perform at Alcatraz (talking about making steps forward)! Next year they have to go for Graspop!

The Unholy Grail (feat. Dominum, Orden Ogan) is another strong banger, made to be performed on stage! Feel the power, feel the energy! This sound is far from their original mittle alter music with their funny lyrics and ticks that would have made you laugh. This is mixing the best of both worlds with a new metal signature! And yes: it’s a new song!

The Forgotten Commandment is still fresh in my mind and rocks in a lovely way with a slice of melancholia.

Memento Mori (English Version, feat. Lord of the Lost, Chris Harms) is not only a translation, but also a reworked version as here we hear the other big banger from the same label: Chris Harms! This is bringing in the best off Napalm Records! And off course this track rocks you off! This one will also be a banger on stage!

Death on the Dragonship is another song that is still fresh in my mind, I’m just having a bit troubles with the title as I still want to scream out the original title, but the more I listen to it the better I get used to it!

Wardwarf (feat. Francesco Cavalieri of Wind Rose) is another nice remake with a cool guest, lifting the song to a higher level and maybe one day you’ll see them all together on stage performing this hard hitter! The violin is once again an excellent fuel, just as the strong backings!

Circlepit of Hell is a nice one and will be a good one for fans of the genre and yes, we might see something happening whilst they perform it on stage. The backings are great, just as the guitar play and the drums! It is yet another strong track!

Song of Ice and Fire (feat. Patty Gurdy) is a well fuelled song, crafted to make a crowd stand up and perform along with the band! I adore the energy, the powerful vibe, the tempo, … !

Purgatory (Fegefeuer) somehow sounds heavier and stronger. Just listen to the screams and the guitar sound mixed with the powerful backings. I did not expect it but somehow, I prefer this version!

Bastard of Asgard has also been changed a bit (they took out the female backings or put them way more to the background) and focus more on the power of the global backings. The guitar play is just insanely perfect! It is like as if they injected some nitro into the global sound!

SGFRD Dragonslayer (English Version) is somehow the least appealing song for me (in the midst of 11 really strong songs), I think I just love the original way too much!

Valhalla Calling has already been launched as a single (Facebook didn’t like the cover I used as It was appealing towards too much violence, sic). It’s a great one with a strong chorus! They know how to rework tracks and make them sound as their own! Once again case proved! I hope they will perform this one on stage (listen to the rambling guitar sound and the backings)! Be ready to scream along!

At first, I was not enthusiastic about this album, but the more I listen to it the happier I am! I will for sure enjoy them on stage and I am sure it will be a new step forward! I see already a lot of sold out shows and that is the best sign! Rock on folks & love you all!

Fegefeuer Tour 2024:
w/ Orden Ogan, Dominum

03.05.24 DE - Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
04.05.24 DE - Cologne / Palladium
27.11.24 NL - Eindhoven / Effenaar
28.11.24 NL - Haarlem / Patronaat
29.11.24 FR - Paris / Trabendo
03.12.24 IT - Milan / Live Club
06.12.24 AT - Vienna / Arena
Festivals 2024:
10.05.24 DE - Rastede / MPS
11.05.24 BE - Bomal-Sur-Ourthe / Durbuy Rock
01.06.24 DE - Fulda / Museumshof
02.06.24 CZ - Pilsen / Metalfest Open Air
14.06.24 AT - Nickelsdorf / Nova Rock
15.06.24 CH - Interlaken / Greenfield Festival
16.06.24 PT - Sao Pedro do Sul / Belavista Open Air
20.07.24 DE - Niedergörsdorf / Motorcycle Jamboree
02.08.24 DE - Wacken / Wacken Open Air
03.08.24 DE - Bückeburg / MPS
09.08.24 BE - Kortrijk / Alcatraz Festival
16.08.24 DE - Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze
17.08.24 DE - Weil Am Rhein / MPS
31.08.24 DE - Halle (Saale) / In Extremo „Weckt Die Toten“ Festival
07.09.24 DE - Luhmühlen / MPS
10.–15.09.24 DE - Kiel / Full Metal Cruise
14.12.24 DE - Essen / Grugahalle – 20 Jahre FEUERSCHWANZ
Johanna – violin, hurdy-gurdy
Hauptmann – vocals, guitar
Hodi – flutes, bagpipes, guitars, vocals
Hans – guitar
Jarne – bass
Rollo – drums
Musch Musch – dance & performance
Myu – dance & performance