Filippa Nรคssil (Thundermother), releases her first single called "San Francisco (Swedish Version)", from her upcoming debut solo album "American Diaries".

  Van Muylem    15 april 2024

Filippa Nässil (founder, songwriter and guitar player in Thundermother) spent two months and three weeks in the USA touring with Thundermother in the fall of 2022 supporting the band Scorpions. On off days from playing she wrote lyrics for what came to be her upcoming debut solo album “American Diaries”, that is set for release autumn 2024. The album will contain both English and Swedish versions of all the tracks on the album. Her first single "San Francisco (Swedish Version) is being released April 12, 2024.  

She booked the studio in Skåne, Klippan, Sweden (Lemon Recording Studio) whilst still in the States and wrote the music for the album in one month after coming home and recorded it in December 2022 and mixed it in Medley Studios march 2023 in Copenhagen.

Filippa started Thundermother 2009, she studied music production and guitar before that. In 2022 she studied in distance at London Songwriting Academy and she thanks one of her teachers Shelly Poole for pushing her to do a solo album.

About her first single "San Francisco (Swedish Version)", and how it came to be, she had this to say:

San Francisco is a part of my theme album “American Diares”. After two and a half months into the American tour with Thundermother supporting the Scorpions, and a month without my fiancé, he finally came to visit. We embarked on a journey to Ashbury, gazing out at the waters near Alcatraz, exploring Janis Joplin's former residence, and strolling through the neighborhood. Our reunion was filled with deep love, stronger than ever before.“.

“American Diaries” is what it sounds like, her time in Chicago meeting her blues idol “Buddy Guy” and his family, she even got invited to his birthday party turning 86 years old. On “Buddy Guy’s Blues” she plays with his son “Greg Guy”. On “Green Fields Of Napa” she tells the story of getting accidentally high, eating food on a winery, on “Richmond, Virginia” about her favorite food mexican tacos called ‘pastor’, on “San Fransisco” when her boyfriend came to visit and the joy that brought, on “For Rudy”, she sings about her time in Texas, ending up on a night club and the new friends she made there. “Mount Shasta” is her personal favorite, high up in the mountains of north California, missing her love wishing she could share that beauty with him.

“American Diaries” is a map over the USA, but in songs written, played and sung both in Swedish and English versions, by Filippa Nässil.

Filippas debut single "San Francisco (Swedish Version) is out April 12, via Despotz Records. Her debut solo album "American Diaries" is set for release in autumn 2024. The album will contain both Swedish and English versions of all the tracks on the album.