AUDIOCALL - Know Your Murderer (SCANNER / Dark Dimensions Label Group)

  Van Muylem    3 april 2024

The band AUDIOCALL, founded in Rastede (Germany) in 2023, combines stylistic elements from rock, electro and wave to create their own dark style. Head of the project and singer of the band is Axel Tasler, guitarist of the EBM band STERIL. Together with his talented bandmates, he creates a musical combination of dark synthesizer-wave soundscapes from the 80s and modern, powerful guitar riffs and basslines. His clear voice guides you through the songs with stylistic confidence. Audiocall are without doubt one of the most promising newcomers on the global electro wave scene.

Out of Control is the opening track and is until halfway a typical intro. The music crawls in, slowly building up: Depeche Mode with a guitar and remixed by VNV Nation fits the best description. I just miss a bit more melancholia and power in the vocals.

The Tower has electronic drums with that typical ‘80s sound, just as the bombastic synths. Here the vocals sound a bit like a young version of Marc Almond (just missing his vocal powers a bit). Nice guitar play!

Love Can Repeat Itself is the single that got me into starting this review and is also the strongest song on this album: the pumping beats, the nice tempo, the vocals who are set and recorded in the best way, the global cold wave retro sound, the melancholia, …

Where Is The Love is the second best track on the album and comes close to the previous track. The chorus is even e bit catchy and the guitar play is just excellent!

Too Far has vocals who sound a bit too soft, whilst the tempo still ok is and the guitar play excels.

The Beginning builds up slowly, has some roaring beats (almost techno minded), but the vocals don’t fit the song. I feel I miss something in the vocals.

In The Rumours starts with a gothic rock touch, a slice of melancholia. It’s one of the better tracks, the vocals just need an extra little pinch.

Supreme World is a melancholic retro track with nice guitars and a good synth layer.

The Escape has some EBM slices in it. I hear potential, so a remix could do wonders.

Hide It starts like an old Sega game from the 80’s, whilst the vocals are gently weeping you into sleep. The sound gives a very simple impression.

Know Your Murderer is not only the title track but also the end track. The song slowly builds up and even uses some techno minded vibes with some EBM. Sadly the song has no vocals, so that’s a bit of a bummer for me.

Despite the annoying ending I heard some good stuff. The single was well chosen and I’m sure retro fans will adore it! Just work a bit more on the vocals, please! May the powers of thy vocals chords be with you!