Anadyr launches new track!

  Van Muylem    9 februari 2024

Excellent Swedisch trip-hop and ravishing vocals! No disappoitment, only a pleasure to listen to for hours and hours without getting bored!

Quote from Gordon:

"Listening to the new single from Emma Bergstedt and me that we are releasing with Anadyr on Friday.

Again, I'm reality proud with our accomplishment and the combined forces of our creative output. Emmas lyrics and vocals are stunning. The last vocal recording was actually done just prior to the final mixing, adding a tad more "Britney Spears".

I'm as lost as ever regarding the rest of the creative process on writing this track. I don't remember how our thoughts went and I don't remember playing and recording the bass parts on the fretless bass... But that's the same as it's always been - things that are done in the zone stay in the zone - it's an amnesia that I can live with.

One thing that I do remember though is the bass is as it is in most cases, routed through the vocoder that Micke Svensson did and then through the sampler on my Amiga 1200.

And, again, whatever sounds like a guitar is the very above mentioned bass.

The song itself seems to crystalize some of the music ideas I've fostered over the last 25 years making music (that's a scary number in itself!)

Synthpop- influenced arpeggios, sample driven drums, samples from lapp-lisa, a bass that I never thought I'd be able to play and a bass sound that feels dirty in the right way. All of this combined with Emmas ideas, additions, retractions and Fabulously executed production ideas..."