Sujin: debut album 'Save Our Souls' out in February; first single/video out now

  Van Muylem    7 december 2023

Sujin draws its inspiration from various metal scenes and other genres too, with a distinctive stylistic approach. Their music is a crossover between melo-death, deathcore, progressive and thrash metal, summarized by the band itself as modern metal.

Aggressive, melodic and always very intense, Sujin aims to break down the boundaries. Lyrically-wise, the band vehemently delivers its thoughts and feelings about the state of the world address – clinically depicting humanity's scars and failures.

Sujin is derived from the word "suijin" and has its origin in Japanese culture, translating as "the people of water". Water being an essential element to all forms of life, there are already wars being waged in its name... This is something quintessential for the members of the band because of their personal commitment to the preservation and defence of Nature.

Originally from France, and formally known as Whisper Night, Sujin has decided to revoke any borders to become one with the whole world.

'Save Our Souls' tracklist:

1. ... ---- ... (intro by Atoem)

2. Save Our Souls

3. Ashes from the Abyss

4. Dead World Beyond (featuring Justin Bonitz)

5. Wasted Progress

6. Bleeding Chains

7. Throne of Chaos

8. Dagon

09. Scavengers

10. Insanity

11. Winter Breeze


Julien Mellier - vocals

Stève Richard - guitar

Matt Lemonier - guitar

Quentin Bruyère - bass

Liam Barbier - drums