Sede Vacante releases 'Paint it Black' video

  Van Muylem    21 november 2023

Sede Vacante has released an animated video for 'Paint It Black', a darkened cover of the Rolling Stones classic and third single taken from the sophomore album 'Conium' released in 2022 through Scarlet Records.

This is what I wrote about this track when i reviewed the album:

"Painted Black (Rolling Stones cover): it’s not the first cover I hear but it’s one of the best ones! The song starts with a very dramatic feel, focusses on the vocals and the emotions. The song has been changed and in a good way (their own way)!"

'Conium' tracklist:

01 Furia

02 Mistaken

03 Dead New World

04 Conium

05 Raindrops

06 Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)

07 Melancholy Bled

08 Walk on a Lie

09 The Bride

10 Wheel of Misfortune

11 Tattoo

 Album review:

SNOOZECONTROL - Sede Vacante - Conium – (Scarlet Records)

Sede Vacante:

Stephanie Mazor - vocals

Michael Tiko - guitar, vocals, synths

Nick Gkogkomitros - bass

Jannis K - drums

Promo photoshoot by Αggeliki.Hristoff.Photography. and edited by Dimitris Tzortzis Designs