Demonstealer releases video for "The Art of Disinformation"; new album out now on Black Lion Records!

  Van Muylem    1 april 2023

"The Propaganda Machine", the brand new studio album by Demonic Resurrection frontman Demsontealer, is released today on Swedish label Black Lion Records. Accompanied by an elite ensemble of some of the best musicians in metal (Kataklysm, ex -Cradle of Filth, Ne Obliviscaris + many more), "The Propaganda Machine" is relentless in its brutality while still remaining melodic. To celebrate the release in glorious style, Demonstealer has unleashed a brand new playthrough video for "The Art Of Disinformation". The song features Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte, Anabelle and Alex Baillie.

Demonstealer comments:

"On this track I got to work with Sebastian Lanser (Obsidian/ex-Obscura) who is an absolute machine and Kilian Duarte (Scale The Summit/Abiotic) on bass. The song is just a chunky riff monster and these guys create just the most sturdy backbone to the track with the precise playing. While Alex Baillie (Cognizance) added some epic rocky lead guitar that just brings it all together. Lyrically we’re just holding up a mirror to the world as it is today."

"The Propaganda Machine" is out now and is available for purchase at THIS LOCATION


1. The Fear Campaign
(Hannes Grossmann, Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe, Anabelle Iratni & Dean Paul Arnold)
2. Monolith Of Hate
(James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)
3. The Propaganda Machine
(Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen & Anabelle Iratni)
4. The Art Of Disinformation
(Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte, Alex Baillie & Anabelle Iratni)
5. Screams Of Those Dying
(Hannes Grossmann, Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe & Anabelle Iratni)
6. The Great Dictator
(James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)
7. The Anti-National
(Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte & Anabelle Iratni)
8. Crushing The Iron Fist
(Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen, Sanjay Kumar & Anabelle Iratni)

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