Float Fall (BE) says goodbye!

  Van Muylem    26 maart 2023

Float Fall is a duo from LeuvenRozanne Descheemaeker and Ruben Lefever. They created dreampop and poppy indiemusic with an electronic layer. They ended as 3rd at Humo's Rock Rally 2012, launched their single "Someday" (was a hit in De Afrekening) and toured all over the world since then! Sadly they left a goodbye note (read it underneath):

Dear all… When we started making music as Float Fall ten years ago, no one would have imagined what our story would’ve looked like. As lifelong friends, we’ve always wanted to create music from the heart. Songs about love, about friendship, about the beauty of life with all its ups and downs. And as life itself, our story turned out to be a genuine rollercoaster.

We’ve travelled and learned so much throughout the years. We’re so grateful to have met so many amazing people along the way. We truly feel we’ve been touched by all of you, just as we hope we’ve been able to touch you, even if only for a fleeting moment, during one of our shows or while you were listening to one of our records.

Today, we gather our breath and say goodbye… After so many years, it feels like we’ve completed some sort of unwritten arc. Of course, we’ll always keep playing and listening to music together, but somehow, at least for now, it feels like we have come to an end.

It’ll be weird not having Float Fall in our lives on a daily basis and without a doubt, it’ll be weird missing you. That’s why we want to feel ‘close’ one last time… As our goodbye gift, we would like to present you our ‘close ep’, a collection of four stripped down versions of some of our favourite tracks from our album, which will be released this Friday, March 24th. We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we do and share them with someone special. Just as we wanted to share them with you.

Thank you for all your love, all your kind words and support throughout the years. We’ve always claimed that “it’s not the destination, it’s being on the way”, and we’re so grateful to have had you along for the ride. Take care, and take care for each other. We’ll miss you.

Love, always.


They leave us with 4 tracks recorded during the close session (recorded like the white album from The Beatles, on an 8-track device):

Forever is the first one and shows off why this duo is so magical as they mix their voices with a warm piano sound and a slice of melancholia. The music makes you a bit sad, for sure now that you know it's all over. Yet another duo from Belgium leaves us speechless after a sudden break-up. Nothing last forever was ever sung by a great singer and gets here underlined!

Hear You sounds warm and filled with love, however the cello gives it a sad touch, next to the piano.

Little Words is another melancholic highlight, guided by classic instruments and coming from their debut album (just like the previous tracks). It's really strange that their American adventure didn't work out as you can hear here how great they really are if you give them the right gear, set and compagnions in the studio!

Time sounds also totally different from the original version and gets here a more cooled down version, guided by classic instruments and 2 singing angels.

This last EP is a pearl and the reason why it's really sad they didn't make more out of it as they really deserved it and showing it off one last time! I'm totally blown out of my shoes with this EP! I still got the blues after I closed off their music and started on the finalisation of this article.