Fondry! A three-piece of improvised experimental music from Brussels sings with dear.deer.records

  Van Muylem    16 maart 2023

Fondry was born from the meeting between guitarist Diego Leyder (BRNS, Dièze, Namdose), double bass player Nicholas Yates (Thomas Champagne Trio, Samir Baris) and drummer  Romain Benard (Primevère, Paradoxant, Milk TV, Ropoporose) with a common desire and strong committment to embed their music in the present moment.

Fondry is not just about improvised music, but it's about going along multiple paths - noise and experimental rock, post-punk, sound design and even pop! Each session, performance or concert is unique - the result of their libertarian impulses and interpretations as musicians.

With the French label Figures Libres, dear.deer.records will release their first album in early 2024. This album will capture the uniqueness of Fondry's music and will be recorded live at their shows in Belgium and France. The first piece of this album will be recorded at their show tonight at Botanique, in support of the US art-rock band Oneida.