ImJudas - People Of The Blame EP (Spleen +)

  Van Muylem    23 januari 2023

This is the second EP from ImJudas launched on Spleen +. I hope you enjoyed the previous one and let’s go now for the second one!

This is what I wrote about this song when I reviewed the album:

People Of The Blame (canned anger) is a possible hit and should become a single: it’s catchy, has a good tempo and a good story!

Next to what wrote back then I would love to add this song has the right vibe, the perfect tempo and the right energetic dose! Feel the beats, the guitar play and the synths: it all matters and all gets mixed together by a professional!

People Of The Blame (Octolab remix): Swedish duo OCTOLAB turns it into an abrasive upbeat mix featuring female backings by their sensual singer Arielle Andersson. The only thing I don’t like about this version is that they reworked the male vocals into some kind of metallic retuned sound as the original sound was really great an strong!

Ritual (Neikka RPM remix): gives an unexpected revolted break beat dimension to this song, but somehow takes away the original powered up and catchy vocals.

People Of The Blame (canned anger) (Madil Hardis version) offers a very touching dark ethereal version that totally changes the song.

People Of The Blame (Imjudas alfa edit mix 2017) is simply the best remix of this song as it keeps the original strong points and adds more synths and a wider sound range. I also adore the New Wave 80’s retro touch!

Tulpa (demo 2016) sounds cleaner and somehow a bit better then what appeared on the album as it keeps the vocals clean and strong. I like this demo version and can’t believe it’s actually a demo!

People Of The Blame (demo 2016) shows again how strong these demo versions are and how close they are towards the album version of each of them! To me these demo versions are worth ending on a regular album (and are most of the time better then what some artists drop on their albums)! This also shows how good this artist is! Kuddo’s!

Well: globally seen I can tell that this EP is stronger and has more potential then the one I reviewed yesterday! I’m also glad my feeling about this song (check original album review) got real!

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