Weather Systems launch second single called “WEATHER SYSTEMS” (inspired by Anathema)!

  Van Muylem    27 november 2022

After Anathema split a new project was born: Weather Systems. Today we can enjoy the second single! They are still working on the full album. Keep track of the work in progress!

Here's the message from Weather Systems:

We felt it nice to have a song which energy catches what weather systems music means to us. We hope you really take the positive energy from the song. We hope that the music helps to heal the soul. That’s what it’s for, isn’t it?

We love and care about you all.

The lyrics and vocals are written and recorded within 20 minutes, the quickest song we ever wrote. The voice you hear now is that first take demo we made.

We are sorry for things taking longer than usual. It is really out of our control. We’re writing and working hard back here and we will Bring a couple of real musical surprises here soon, so watch this space.

The donations have literally been life savers. There has been no earnings from the music industry since 2020, and the donations have been so absolutely gratefully received.

If you can help, to keep the music alive until the album is ready and released in 2023, please, if you can, donate any amount you can afford.

Your name will be printed on the album.

With health bills very very high, and a very serious illness that needs constant support - you have truly been a Godsend. Please help if you can

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts


PS Lyrics in the description