Je T’aime – Agressive (Manic Depressions Records)

  Van Muylem    1 november 2022

Je T’aime is a French post-punk/retro wave band with a singer who has a very British accent. I loved their EP for Ukraine and the first album of this duo set (as this one is part 2). I was very eager to start reviewing the second album!

Out of Sight has a modern sound with on top excellent vocals. If you would want to label it: electro pop with a slice of post-punk! The song shows off towards the hit potential and really breaks open!

We get a more rocking sound with Tales of Despair. I adore the guitar sound and the electronic drum The drum part reminds me briefly of a cult New Wave track: Blue Monday from New Order.

Evil Curves is something my wife sometimes really hates, here it’s a cool post-punk track with an 80’s lift. The vocals give it a theatrical touch here.

Gone Away starts slowly and gets carries by a very melancholic and sad voice. It’s the softest Je T’Aime song so far. The female backings towards the end give it more fragility.

If Only has a higher tempo, great guitar sound and vocals that sound like from an 80’s cult hit!

Winter Lake has a great bass, sounds very melodic, has great vocals, a good tempo, great backings … It has actually hit potential! I also adore the little breakdown halfway.

Kiss The Boys (And Make Them Die) Feat. Alex Svenson (And The Came Silence) mixes New Wave with electro and cold wave. I clearly feel the hit potential here and hope they launch it as a single/clip too! The break down is once again really great and relaunches the song with vigor! The backings are just perfect and give it a catchy feel! The kids singing in the end is the top of it all!

Elbow Beach starts with a sliding guitar and a cool bass. Towards the end the song clearly shows off its live potential!

Leave Me For Dead has a poppy touch and for the first time I hear the vocals sound a bit different from the other songs (actually they also sound great like this). The music has clearly a retro wave/post-punk touch. The guitars do their part (bass & lead guitar). I feel it could be single material and also great to perform on stage!

The Last Words Of A Sad And Pathetic Hero is the last song and has a bluesy/melancholic touch. I could all it a depressive ballad. I really love the guitar play as it pushes the dramatic feel a bit. As always the vocals are top notch!

By the time this review will be published both albums have been spinning a lot as part of my daily playlist. I really adore their sound, the vocals, the production, guitar, bass … New wave / post punk is not dead! Can’t wait to see them on stage and see them from close! Spin their songs, buy the albums, cheer for them … New bands like them really need you! Help them grow!

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