Evermore - Court of the Tyrant King (Scarlet Records)

  Van Muylem    22 september 2022

The Evermore debut album came out of the blue in 2021 and immediately left an impressive mark on the worldwide heavy metal scene, thanks to an inspired songwriting and a powerful yet classy performance.

The band favors a bit of a heavier tone compared to many other, more purely power metal-oriented bands, but they have always rooted themselves in strong melodies and catchy riffs. A lot of Evermore’s sound, lyrics, arrangements and themes are a product of what feeling a particular song gave in the process of its creation. The Swedish trio tends to favor more grounded, serious or contemporary subjects when it comes to lyrical content, even though the classic fantasy-oriented themes are often still present. The end goal of Evermore is to create music that makes you feel “something”; 'Court of the Tyrant King' evokes that sense of empowerment, uplifting mood and motivation that is so strongly associated with the metal genre.

Let's start now with the actual review of this re-release:

Heros Journey short interlude, opening/closing track (I always skip tracks like this but this one kept me listening).

Call of the Wild: is just like the title: wild and heavy with a high tempo and all powered up!

Rising Tide has a catchy chorus, great vocals, a perfect tempo, great guitar sound and a good live feel!

Court of The Tyrant King has a symphonic touch (I even hear female backings), but gets now and then speeded up. The vocals go high and low (like as if it’s nothing): powerful & yet sometimes fragile too! This is really a vocal show off! I like the track!

Nothern Cross is a classic hard rock track with a guitar solo and hard hitting drums. Once again the vocals are really good and remind of for example Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).

See No Evil has a symphonic touch, screaming vocals, a good tempo and a melodic sound. This song could have been a new Iron Maiden track!

My Last Command starts slowly but explodes once the drums jump in. I clearly hear a symphonic touch. Seen the lyrics this one might be called battle metal. You can almost feel the testosterone here! The song is a nice mix of the best from Iron Maiden and Manowar. I adore the rambling bass and the vocals! It’s clearly and epic song filled with pathos!

By Death Reborn is a cool hard knocking metal track with great screams and high pitched powerful vocals. The guitar play is also smoking hot!

I can for sure understand why this band made some fuzz with it’s debut album. It has clearly potential. The band just need to find a bit more it’s own sound and signature sound, but they are already really impressive and they caught my attention from the first until the last note and that really deserves a thumbs up and a little push in the back!

Johan Haraldsson - vocals 
Johan Karlsson - guitar, bass, piano, orchestrations 
Andreas Vikland - drums