Skeletron/Virus Inhumanity (BE) - Re-Infected

  Van Muylem    13 augustus 2022

I generally don't like remixes, but this one done by  Belgian Groove-/Deathmetal band Virus Inhumanity is really topping it all by adding beats, a more electronic sound and even spots for the dancefloor! I hope that at least people from our scene pick it up! Zardonic is never far away, but the structure of the reworked songs have also something of their own and if have it good it has all been done by their drummer! I added the visuals so you can check out each song for yourself!

7 Sins (Part 1) is not a typical metal song: it’s crossover with electro and industrial and can even make it in clubland! However there are many bands in this genre they have theextra sparkle that ignites the fire! All instruments blend in like as if an expensive producer paid all the costs to do whatever was needed to make it the way it is now! Congratz!

7 Sins (Part 2) is almost gabber music: hardcore techno mixed with metal! Feel the bass! Nice synth and guitars! Wow: this one is just amazing and can also make it into clubland! DJ’s: launch it plz! The floor will be hot and overflowing!

Virus Inhumanity has vocals that come from sure from a singer of a metal band: loud screams on a bass tone. The music here remind me a bit of Zardonic, but with lesser drum’n  bass in the sound. The tempo is also a bit lower as the previous tracks.

Baptized in Fire starts slowly with a floating guitar and some electronics. The vocals are kept like what they were: metal minded. The tempo is a bit too slow to really convince me, but that is only a minor thingie.

Darkness Came reminds me slightly of Suicide Commando, but in a more techno/gabber minded version with a slice of drum’n bass. This might be a dancefloor filler! Simply amazing and finger licking good! Go! Go! Go! Wauwwww!

Well: this was a really good thing It enjoyed it very much! Great stuff and DJ material too! I hope it gets launched, spinned, aired …