Virus Inhumanity - Infectious (self-released)

  Van Muylem    12 augustus 2022

In december 2021 they released their first EP. On June 22, 2022, the second EP from Belgian Groove-/Deathmetal band Virus Inhumanity has been released, called 'Re-Infected’. As it's summertime and there is not much to do we gave them a free podium and reviewed the EP (the remix Ep will be for later).

Darkness Came has a good deep bass, nice vocals and a good tempo. It’s the kind of song that creates heat during a gig! It’s good that we can catch some breath when they lower every now and then the tempo.

Baptized in Fire starts has a high tempo, nice vocals (think about Amon Amarth), a rambling bass and hard hitting drums! It’s indeed an all fired up song and will or is a great track for gigs!

Virus Inhumanity rocks in a hard way, with vocals that empower the song. The guitar solo halfway is also great. Good vibes, despite the lyrics!

7 Sins (Part 1) has ups and downs: in the tempo and in the mood. The song has a lot of variation and that keeps it very interesting!

7 Sins (Part 2) comes close to a death metal sound. It’s a good song, I feel the potential (and for sure on stage)!

Wasn’t bad at all. I even enjoyed it. I’m glad I tried them out and hope you do too!

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