Solitary Experiments launched new single & video "Wonderland"

  Van Muylem    4 juli 2022

Let Solitary Experiments carry you away to "Wonderland"! With their second single, the Berlin electro heroes present the next appetizer for their upcoming album. Mellow harmonies, ear-pleasing electronic beats, and the heartwarming vocals of frontman Dennis Schober pick up every fan instantly. Melodic, hearty, and danceable - this triad, which has been successful for three decades now, climbs to the next level of electronic evolution in the form of "Wonderland". 

"The second single is also quite a hit candidate and was of course deliberately chosen. The hookline at the beginning captures you immediately. The song takes you into another world in which dreams and reality merge. If you listen closely, you might even discover the backing voice of Arc Morten, the frontman of Cyto, in the chorus. This is just the beginning of some surprises to come." - Dennis Schober / Solitary Experiments
The Berlin-based Futurepop act Solitary Experiments has been one of the most successful acts of melodic electro for over 25 years now and always stands out for the captivating melodies, the powerful and danceable beats, and the unmistakable harmonic vocals of their songs. After more than 3 years of waiting, Solitary Experiments just recently presented their fans a limited edition 8-track EP "Every Now and Then".

As a surprise for the fans, there is also a subtle reinforcement in the shape of a “Wonderland” remix by In Strict Confidence, where Dennis and Dennis playfully and intensively exchange notes, yet you can listen to it for yourselves:

Solitary Experiments: 

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