Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio presents their new clip: To the Gods that Kill, and Forever will!

  Van Muylem    21 juni 2022

One month ago “Nihilist Notes - And the Perpetual Quest 4 Meaning in Nothing” saw the light of day, and after a multitude of twists and turns, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio are very excited and very proud to present the first of two videos supporting the album.

“To the Gods that kill, and Forever will”.


Directed by Claudio Marino / AtraxFilm

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"Nihilist Notes" is dark, oppressive, and raw. It’s a deceleration of war orchestrated by drums and horns rather than guitars and pianos as we are used to. The sound is rather more martial than folk, but still clearly Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. The new album merges the crudeness of the past, such as "Conquest Love & Self-Perseverance", with the refinement and perfection of the present. It becomes a convergence of both past and present into a perfect symbiosis of what’s to come.

“In a world where the idea of hero and tyrant never has been more urgent. In a world where disinformation has become the new gospel. In times where the concept of good and evil is colored by crayons in various shades of grey. Nihilist Notes kindles the last fires of hope and takes us on a perpetual quest 4 meaning in nothing”. 
- Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -

Preceded by the 4-track mini-album “La Fleur du Mal” in March, "Nihilist Notes" takes multiple steps in directions that appear to move away from the more melodic aspects of the highly acclaimed full-length album “Let’s Play [Two Girls & a Goat] from 2019. 

"Nihilist Notes" is available as CD Digipak and on cassette (in red incl. a pencil), and as ltd. deluxe wooden box set which also exclusively includes the album on 10" vinyl and 5 collector's coins with a noble case. You can stream the full album now here