Van Muylem    20 januari 2022

After 'Don't' and 'Allied', noisy post-punks Disorientations today share the third single of the upcoming debut album 'Memory Lanes' (out on [PIAS] Recordings on Feb 4, 2022). 

'Watching You Go' is a loud surrender to the emotions of personal loss. How do you deal with a death that is both heartbreaking and banal? The song muses on the difficult process of grief. About holding on and letting go. About the desire to be comforted, while wanting to be left alone. About the realization that mourning does not end, but you must nevertheless look for a mooring for your grief.

Formed in 2018, after years of performing in other bands like Melting Time and Lagüna, Disorientations quickly grew out into a full-fledged and close-knit group. Lifelong friends Lukas Van Camp (bass), Tomas Serrien (drums) and Niels Elsermans (vocals, guitar) felt a need to start jamming endlessly as a way to process shared loss experiences.
Their collaborative writing process soon led to songs inspired by the melancholic dark 80s. While combining new wave with more alternative punk and noise music, their music became characterized by an intense and contemporary cold-blooded sound that comes to life during their intense and noisey performances. The trio wants to show a raw and compelling face of post-punk by translating their emotions in a direct musical manner. They muse in a loud and introspective way about life, because for them musically nothing is without obligation.
'Memory Lanes' continues in that melancholic atmosphere of loss and mourning. It confronts the listener with moments of despair, but the guitar wall of sound, the harsh rhythmic power and the haunting vocals give enough energy to embrace those inevitable tragic moments of life.
Pre-order the album here: https://disorientations.lnk.to/memorylanes   

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