Blutengel premiers new single & video 'Wie Sand'!

  Van Muylem    20 mei 2021

Leading up to the release of the new Blutengel album "Erlösung - The Victory of Light" on July 16, the multi-talented band led by vocalist and songwriter Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann will unveil their new single 'Wie Sand' today! 

'Wie Sand' impressively manifests a more quiet and fragile aspect of Ulrike while shining in an irresistible '80s aesthetic. In the accompanying music video, Ulrike sings with depth and feeling about the fragility and weakness, longing, and loneliness that a love breakup brings. 

"I am very proud and super happy that a solo song is being released as the first-ever single by me for Blutengel and that an adorable video is being released on top of it. This is also a first for me with Blutengel. And this makes this song something special for me as well! I'm very touched... and I'm looking forward to performing it live someday," describes Ulrike, her new first single release with Blutengel. "This song touches me deeply, not only when I sing it, but also when I watch the video, and that's exactly what should happen. You see the waves, the ocean, you feel the longing, the loneliness of the abandoned. Something extraordinary has been created here, something very personal for me. I have to admit that when I was shooting the scenes of me singing, I was in tears during the end..."

Chris explains the kickoff to the song 'Wie Sand'"When I wrote the song, I titled it "Ulli Dream Song".... I knew she had to sing it because it has such a bittersweet mood that only Ulli and her voice could ennoble.” 

“For Blutengel, it is a premiere in the career, that there is a single off the new album in which I do not sing at all :-). Which is a brilliant thing because the rather dark pop track contrasts sharply with 'The Victory of Light' which is significantly more hard-hitting....," continues Chris"which already indicates how multifaceted the album is going to be!"

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Even the lyrics for the song floated towards Ulli, "you know me, I'm simply into ballads and heartache, so I decided to go with a love story or rather a love drama in terms of content. I had no choice, as the melody is so dreamy that I simply had to write a "love song".

About the video, the singer says: "I, as an all-time romantic, was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of the video. I shot many scenes and my vocal parts myself; under the current circumstances, a larger video shoot is not feasible. It turned out to be something so wonderful. And precisely what I wanted, what I envisioned - the mood, the lyrics in a beautiful script...just perfect!" 

The song offers yet another taste of the album set for release on July 16. Previously, the band had already presented the first pre-album song The Victory Of Light‘

Blutengel present themselves indescribably multifaceted on their upcoming album with a tremendous range of emotions. The new long-player succeeds the cover album "Fountain of Destiny," which was released in spring and exceeds the high expectations by far.

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