Skarlett Riot – Invicta (Despotz Records)

  Van Muylem    7 mei 2021

Skarlett Riot launches their third album. I followed them from their first album on and have seen them twice on stage! Each time they blew me out of my boots. Skarlett has lots of energy and knows how to entertain a crowd, whilst the rest of the band gives all they have. They are youngsters but it felt from the start as if they have like 30 years of experience and yet that only comes close to their real age!

Their music has been a mix of radio friendly female fronted metal/rock over a cool ballad every now and then and more heavier tracks that start a riot! In the beginning I wrote they sound like a heavier version of Avril Lavigne, but by now they have their own sound and Avril might even learn some stuff from them!

Breaking The Habbit starts like a bomb and gets some scream and grunts from Danny and Tim. The song works off her frustration and breaking with bad stuff. You can feel the different emotions, unveiled in the changes of the tempo and the sound. The song feels a bit like a whirlwind over the sea: it comes and goes, but once it’s over you have a clean environment and peace. Gravity was already launched as a single and shows off the harder part and harder sound of the band, with male screams and hard hitting drums. This one will be a hit on stage, take it for granted! Be assured: Skarlett Riot is a live band and it must hurt them really hard not to be able to tour and present their album on stage! Black Cloud starts with electronics and a floating zen feeling until the guitars wake up and the drums start to hit in. Once Skarlett starts to sing I can hear some fragility in her voice. The male backings enforce the dark feeling that hangs like a cloud (a bit like COVID-19) over this song. It’s not the most happiest track on the album, but I like it! Underwater is a hard hitter from the start It’s an emotional song, with lots of raging and some despair too. Stronger gives you some energy and an extra motivation to fight against something you have to fight. It’s a classic anthem and will become over the years a classic Skarlett Riot hit (at least on stage)! Cut The Ties starts as if people are already clapping hands and the bands jumps on stage. Yes, indeed: COVID-19 created a mess and screwed up our life, but the band is ready to cut the ties and jump back on stage and make us happy again! There is a light at the end of this dark and cold tunnel! The lead guitar is really heavenly and you’ll hear Skarlett scream like she has never screamed before (and even grunt a bit). Into Pieces is a fragile ballad with a clear melancholic touch. It’s a good thing to have it on this album and makes me long for one more song like this. Not Alone is a melancholic hard hitter that gives you that little boost that you need when you feel a bit down. It’s a great track that will drag you out of a downwards spiral! I also adore the strong backings! To The Flames sounds a bit softer, but still hits hard, next to the grunting and screaming! The chorus is nice and melodic. Falling feels like singing about a heart that has been broken and is addressed to the ex. Human is the last track and has already been launched with a video. It’s a hard hitting last blow, the perfect end for a great album!

Next thing is seeing them back on stage aka their natural habitat! Good luck folks and stay safe and healthy!

Skarlett - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Danny - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Tim - Bass/Backing Vocals
Luke - Drums