Svarta Sanningar – Kermisk Reinkarnation (Atravs Medical)

  Van Muylem    6 mei 2021

The band’s journey began in 2017 with two old friends, lukewarm beer and a dinner at a Chinese joint in Gothenburg. The founder of the gothic metal band Beseech, Klas Bohlin (vocals) and Jonas Persson (guitar) were talking about music and vinyl records, but were also a bit excited in founding a new band. Svarta Sanningar was formed shortly after in the city of Borås, when Mattias Lejon (bass) and Håkan Carlsson (drums / Beseech), became a part of the dark musical vision. In November 2018, the first EP ”Kapitel 1” was released.

Despite lyrics in Swedish, Svarta Sanningar caught most attention outside Sweden and also got reviewed by us.

Kermisk Reinkarnation is the single that comes before the actual launch of the EP. The song sounds very sweet (almost like a typical Beseech song, but without female backings). This track is sung in Swedish and it doesn’t disturb at all (sometimes it sounds like Flemish aka my mother language, but sung with a weird accent). The global sound of this track is very catchy and makes you long for more! You can play it on and on without ever getting bored. You just want it to be played on and on and on! It’s simply one of the best tracks of the moment! I can’t wait to review the EP!

Great work and now pass on the word and spread the message as wide as possible!