Piston Damp – Runaway (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    28 maart 2021

The Danish/Norwegian duo release their third single in six months, Runaway, following their smash debut Something In Me and the critically acclaimed Loose Ends. This time they’ve joined forces with remixers such as DIE KRUPPS, MESH and SUBSTAAT.

Runaway was written and recorded in demo form in 2001, while Jonas lived with his brother, in Frxta, Norway. This demo was eventually discovered by national radio station NRK P3 and voted “Song of the month” in January of 2005 and has since lived its life on its own in the electronic underground scene. Now, in 2021, the song has been re-sung with new lyrics and totally re-recorded.

First track is the single version of Runaway: a synthpop track with a melancholic touch. I like the song, despite the more negative feel and the dark aura around it. I still can hear some retro wave touches in the music. Re-shaper is a slower song where the vocals come pretty close to Robbie Williams’. The story is not a happy one either, but you can feel Jonas is doing his best to make the best out of it. I also like the part with the children’s voices. I like the mixing of minimal wave with synthpop in here!

First of the 3 remixes is the one from Mesh. Their work is not bad as they add a bit more volume and make the vocals sound a bit stronger and push the tempo a bit upwards. Next is the Substaat remix and puts a bigger focus on the synths and the electronic drums. Last one is the Die Krupps remix: they make the music sound louder whilst adding more machines to it and give it a bit of a VNV Nation touch (i know: it should be the other way around, but to me VNV Nation is more popular). I like it!

Jonas Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) and Truls Sønsterud are about to put the finishing touch on their debut-album, due before summer 2021. So be ready for more!