Campus geeft een statement

      4 juli 2011

Campus moet verder zonder gitarist Nick. Maar dat wisten we al langer dan vandaag. Toch heeft de band nog een statement vrijgegeven.

Lees het hieronder.
"Campus without Nick 

Being in a band is hard work, it's not always fun & games. It took a lot of time and effort to get to the point where we are now, yeah we even lost money on touring, recording, etc... You have to be dedicated and make a lot of sacrifices but there are always going to be bumps in the road... The sacrifices that we've all had to make during the last 5 years have sometimes put tension on our relationships with our girlfriends, family and even between bandmembers. But like almost every band all our issues where put aside when we got on stage and gave all our best. 

As a band we try to grab all the chances we are offered. We all were pretty excited to play 2 show with Cancerbats (CA) this week, even if this meant that some of us had to drive up later after work and skip a family party. Nick, Tuur & Rik had to work this Thursday and were going to head out to Utrecht to join the rest of the band and crew that were soundchecking and providing the backline for the other supportbands. On Wednesday we had a final rehearsal before we were going to do the tour. To put some more stress on everything we realised that the option we had on a tourvan-rental, was not working out so we had to sort out other options but still we were eager to go on the road.

When we all got back home, our moral reached an all time low... Nick had sent us all a message stating that it was all too much hassle for him and that he was not going to play the Cancerbats shows. We didn't know what to do and our manager Jef, also a good friend of Nick tried to call him that night to see what was going on. Nick didn't pick up his phone or returned calls. We first thought it was all about the last minute changes in transport for the tour but it seems a lot of the events of the past few month had become too much for him and he didn't want to make the efforts anymore.. 

We were hoping that a night of sleep would clear his mind. Jef and Stef, our soundengineer, also a good friend of Nick talked to him on the phone and had an extended conversation about his feelings, why these shows were so important to play and also talked about the possible consequences and how it would become very hard for the rest of the band to share a stage or even a rehearsalroom if he continued this. During the evening it became clear that our guitar player Nick made the decision not to show up due to the unresolved issues and conflicts we had the months before. We felt gutted, but we didn't want to let friends,fans & promotors down so we decided to play the show with only the 4 of us.

Bad times, but we thought friends would stick together... We talked and argued but unanimously decided that it would be in our best interest as a band to inform Nick that we felt awful about it, but on these terms, we could no longer work together. Respect, trust and belief have always been the core values of this band. We felt if none of these could bring Nick to play with us, even as a friend, we could no longer be in this band together. Realizing that hurt, to say the least.

This statement took us a while to write, we have been on the road the last few days, playing shows and making friends but the stuff that has happened was always on our minds. We want the world to know that we wish Nick all the best with all of his future plans. 

Campus will continue to play music and keep going strong. All scheduled shows will go on as planned. We are looking forward to see you all!