Faun launches new clip, with an important message!

  Van Muylem    3 maart 2018

Fire is the name of the new clip. In case you don't know this German band: it's one of the best pagan medieval folk bands of the world and have been travelling around the world. Enjoy the clip and check the message!

Here is their post about it:

In the last couple of years, we feel a strong interest for our music, but also for the contents of our songs from all around the world. We travel a lot to foreign countries play wonderful concerts there and meet the most amazing fans. Our new song "Feuer" is a very important song for us, because it talks about injustice in the world, unequal politics and the urge to change those grievances from time to time. Also it is a song about a strong feminine power in a world, that is still very much dominated by the patriarchate. Partly inspired by the figure of Daeneris Targaryen of the TV-series Game of Thrones, partly inspired by the experiences we made in our own life.
Although we love the german language, it was important for us that also non german speakers do understand the message of this song. Therefore we asked the native speaker and musician Ruby Morrigan for help and are very happy, that she did this amazing translation of "Feuer" into english.
Please do tolerate that the video is not lip sync, we simply did not have the time to film it properly in both languages.
Still, we proudly present you now the english version of our newest song and video:
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Yours FAUN.