Jupiter – Theory of Evolution EP (Zeno Records)

  Van Muylem    11 september 2018

V-Kei band with former members of Versailles presents us today 3 new tracks and literally blow us out of our socks with their Japanese melodic metal! Once again we reach out further then our own borders and give you an exotic taste!

Theory of Evolution also has a nice clip that looks a bit like an outtake from Final Fantasy (the video game): just look at their faces and the way they are dressed up! The music is power driven but very melodic and despite that fact that I don’t understand any Japanese it really appeals to me and keeps me captivated within their world. It’s simply amazing how strong and how good they sound and that’s coming in from the very first time you listen to it! As they got formed in April 2013, but recently found themselves a new lead singer who listens to the name Kuze it’s really hard to believe that they are not international stars who are very well known in Europe, so let’s give them a thumbs up and a little push in the back and who knows somebody might book them during some kind of convention!

Bring Me Out is the next one and rocks from the start with hammering drums and steamy guitar chords. The vocals sound a bit sharper and remind me a bit of a mix between Dee Snider and Bruce Dickinson.

Angel’s Wings sounds a bit harsher, with grunts and vocals that sounds more like coming from a monster. The backings render in a perfect way the more aggressive feel of this track. Halfway the track the vocals become sweeter and softer, with even some words in English. It’s a fuelled track, the perfect way to end this way too short EP. You all know that if I write way too short it means: I want more as I really LOVE it!

I hope you get hooked on them! More new material will be released in 2019, so until then: enjoy this one!