Rabia Sorda – The World ends Today (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    22 april 2018

I don’t know how they do it but after each new album I become more and more a fan of their industrial/rock & punk music with Mexican roots! And just as with Whispers in The Shadows, we know the urgency of now! It’s to start acting! Time for a rebellion, no matter if you take a bullet (and that’s an adapted quote from one the tracks).

It all starts with the short message : the world end today ! Yup, it’s actually happening! Perfect Black is a crazy song about the world of today, the demons that run the world, the lies, the darkness and the rage! It’s a great song and you can really feel they mean it! I wrote in the past that Marilyn Manson has somebody who can take over his reign, well with this one they kick him off and kill him for good! It sounds fresh and razor sharp and yet catchy as hell! The machine’s and the guitars blend in perfect, just as the vocals! It’s a masterpiece! So Slow It Hurts is the perfect industrial rock track to lose yourself in! Estás ahí? Is something about a women leaving a message on an answering machine, but I suck in Spanish at least I suppose it’s Spanish.

Violent Love Song is yet o so catchy, but sharp and sexy as the lady with the knife! Damnit, I really love this double feeling! We’re not Machines is something I tend to say more and more and now finally there is a song about it and it’s simply great and rocking! Listen to the guitars, the machines and the vocals, smoothly mixed and really well-crafted like the best diamond of the world! After this one I can only hope somebody books them in my country so that I can see them perform the new tracks! Estas Conmigo… is another answering machine thingie. Now, are you ready for club land? Dj’s in the world, play this one loud and as much as you can: Shut Up and Dance! Where’s the clip of the fans dancing on it? Should be coming soon, so work on it! And yet again: o so catchy! Scream along and dance or shup up and dance!

Nobody is a softer song, but the message stays hard: no future, no love, no message from god, no mother, no father … It’s a slow tearjerker about having no more expectations as being a nobody! The acoustic guitar brings in a nice touch. Dekadenz rages on in a nice way and will be a hit on stage, just listen to the chorus and the guitar play! Rebellion of The Wicked is one of my favorite tracks on the album as it clearly covers the whole story of the album in the best way and ask that you finally start reacting! Stand up for yourself and don’t let them take it all away! Start a fucking rebellion! The World Ends Today is yet another catchy rocker with the right message and perfect guitars! I can understand why a Mexican guy talks about the devil that reigns the world and ends the world today and I think you all know what I mean with that! Despierta is again something with an answering machine, this time some women sings a lullaby. Møther is a soft, but very dark track about losing feelings and losing memories: it’s a tearjerker for sure! Don’t Run! (The Evil Within) is not as strong as hoped and is a slow grower, so give it some time! Words in Scars sounds pretty melodic and off course: catchy! I adore the clapping of hands, the electronics and the guitars (next to the vocals). Right now my own body is filled with scars, so would look nice if one could read the words in the scars. Перезвони мне Is the last message on the answering machine.

Bonus CD: Explota! (La Bomba En Mi Cabeza)

Demolición(Los Sacios Cover) aka Tetten (tits) & des boullettes (meatballs)! Sounds funny, pretty much into punk, with lots of yeah, yeah, yeah’s and catchy as fuck! I really hope DJ’s pick this one up and play it until it becomes a hit and never leaves your ears! This is the best track on the bonus CD! Explota! (La Bomba En Mi Cabeza) starts with a bass playing the outro of A Forest from The Cure and is sung in Mexican. This sounds like a must have for old school fans! Hasta Nunca… is a spoken word, sadly I don’t understand a thing about it. Another answering machine call: Guten Morgen! Dekadenz (Cypecore RMX) is a nice remix with hammering drums and a more fueled feeling. Violent Love Song (Chemical Sweet Kid RMX) gets a nice treat, but I always knew that Chemical Sweet Kid does great things (check the last album). We’re not Machines (Nostalgic Machine / Cover Version by Prismatic Shapes) is actually a great cover version that gives it a retro new wave and melancholic touch. Violent Love Song (72 hrs. Panic Attack Vitam non Mortem RMX) is yet another perfect remix, this time giving it a more electronic and foot stomping beats feeling.

Well, the conclusion is simple: it’s their best album ever! It’s a must have and will be with your help the best album of the year!