Suicide Commando – Death Will Find You (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    15 april 2018

The last album was great, loved the extra guest singers in it (for sure J-L from Front 242). With this new EP we dig deeper into the darkness of the previous album, nicely working on the same hellectro/industrial sound as always. There are 2 brand new songs on it and one of them is really worth it!

The main track in its origin is pretty soft, nothing too scary, so don’t mind the title. We all know we are going to die soon or later, so nog big deal here. We are Transitory refers in my eyes a bit towards what Trump is working on: the end of the world as we know it and today it’s the urgency of now (as Whispers in The Shadow stated in their brilliant new album). The first remix (Temporary remix) is not bad. Black Hole is another dark and slow track (and brand new), with a slice of a dying Marilyn Manson. This song is co-written by Mario Vaerewijck (ex-Insekt).

I’d Die For You sounds melancholic and ready for clubland, yet it sounds like so many of his other great hits. The tempo is yet not that high, but still great enough. This is also the second new track on this EP. Now, time for the remixes: We Are Transitory (The Firm Inc. Remix by E-Craft) sounds a bit like the padawan remixing the jedi: a great attempt but nothing new. Death Lies Waiting (Binary Park Remix) goes a bit more into techno float vibe, but I miss the rage, the anger, the darkness … We Are Transitory (Ruined Conflict Remix) goes a bit faster, harder and more into the industrial sound, but with a slice of happy techno (and thus sounds a bit weird). We Are Transitory (Bornless Fire Remix) has some kind of VNV Nation touch and sounds pretty cool as a remix.

I hope my review wasn’t to heavy for you folks, but with this EP I somehow felt it’s time for a newer sound, a more evolved one like on C-Lekktor for example. Time for new machines or more guests? Still, Suicide Commando is great, but we need more to keep the world conquered!