Whispers In The Shadow - The Urgency Of Now (Solar Lodge).

  Van Muylem    8 april 2018

It has been quite the busy year for Ashley Dayour. This new album with Whispers In The Shadow aside, he contributed to two other projects. But if you think that all that work means that he’s guilty of mass production, well, think again. The title track for The Urgency Of Nowmay well be his best work ever. When you know I’m following this artist since the 90’s, you know it means something. Time for a dark & moody party.

After creating cyclic conceptual work about occultism and magic on his last four albums, their time has come to find new ways of creativity and expression. With a new font and logo combined with a new artwork style, it’s clear that after 21st year of existince, WITS are open to walk the unknown path that leads to a sound unheard of so far. It’s time to take a look at real life and its misery. The darkest album from The Cure was Pornography, and Ashely does the same with his band in terms of creating their darkest work till now. I’m not quite sure if Ashely is a fan of The Cure, but there you go.

The album kicks off with their bass and drum. When the guitar jumps in you know you’re listening to the retro sound of one of the finest Gothic Rock bands ever and you get sucked into the mood of their new album: dark, black, depressing, filled with bad news and our certain death in the future if we don’t act like we should! Watchcry has that catchy feeling if you forget about the darkness and it’s one of their best tracks on this epic album, though just containing 9 songs in total. The guitar play is simply great, just like the drums and vocals. "A Rhythm Called Zero" aka the rhythm of pain, ready to unleash the darker side…. pointing a gun at yourself… It might be a suicide note. The guitar and bass do play an important role again, accompanied by raging vocals. It’s a dark and depressing song that grabs you and gets you into a downward spiral.

Their second single is “The Urgency of Now” and as I already mentioned: it’s their best track ever! They sure know how to play their instruments, making it catchy as hell with vocals that ‘ll enchant you. A very clear message, one where I can identify myself with. It has the potential to be a great addition to parties. “Morning Falls” is a very personal song, filled with darkness and despair. I really love the guitar play (hence I keep repeating myself!). The sentence “Don’t forget there is a cat to feed” makes it sound like a break up song and thuis very painful. This one could be a track from The Cure in their darkest period.

We all like to look back at our own lives now and then, and that’s what they seem to do on “Scavengers Of Time”, as if they’re learning from their mistakes. We do hear a bit of Sisters Of Mercy / The Mission in it.  It’s catchy, it crawls in your head and maybe it gives a sneak preview of what might be coming in the future.  I’m pretty sure this one will sound really great on stage! "Lake of Fire" has an hypnotic feel and a chaotic ending that renders the typical Neil Young Wall of Sound! "The Rat King" starts with a bass and something electric, slightly floating but with a dark twist. I’m not sure if this is about Trump and if not then it’s at least about similar people or their followers. It slowly takes you towards the bewitching end, just like the guy with his flute who was taking all the rats with him.

"Detractors" refers to “No one controls the controls. Detractors on the rise. Spreading twisted truths and true lies”. Yup, this is the time we are living in and you need to think twice before accepting news. Yet another great track, nicely fueled with lots of energy! "Exit-Gardens" is the last track and it’s a slow one but the message is clear and goes a bit further than the previous track, but with a personal twist. I quote Ashley: “Exit-Gardens is a self -critical view in the mirror, a warning to one’s self.”

So far The Rites of Passage was their best album ever, but this one takes that top spot now. So it’s time to spread the words and think about the messages inside the album! I hears 9 great songs. It’s a dark and moody album, but this is what brings this band at its top, this is simply what they are made for!